What Would the Dude Do?

The Founder, President, Secretary,
Chief Inspector, Master of Ceremonies, Ritualist,
and Bartender on the Wagon.

The intention here is to describe, define and share the Conservative Hippy movement as it emerges. This page will be a literary chrysalis and with the right pair of glasses one may bear witness, if you can bear to witness, the emergence of the wide-winged and unsteady-in-flight new doctrine. (a lot of hyphenated descriptors follow, keep up.) I will always be open to suggestions for the direction of this page, not so much the movement, but leave them anyway. (note: Go to Hell, Eat Shit and Die, G.F.Y., and other non-original vulgarities will not be tolerated nor entertained. I have done all of those things and it got me nowhere.) The movement is organic, and grows as the elements around its members, (2: one full-time, one married to it) create experience and new belief systems about those experiences, strengths, and hopes. More on HOPE in a later post. (Moron-hope in a later post as well).


    1. Again, thank you for all the attention. Not surprising of course that you would get personal, instead of argue the principles of Conservative Hippyism.

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