Changing Hope

12 Apr

What is Hope? The knowledge that all will be well. DC Comics even invented a Blue Lantern Corp to inspire Hope in the Green Lantern stories: that’s how important it is. Is it the light at the end of the tunnel? For New Yorkers that’s Jersey. For Philadelphians, there is none. Hope is a virtue. And, as such ought to be treated with all the weight a virtue demands. We throw the word hope around the same way we misuse the word Will (ironically the source of a Green Lantern’s power). When we express hope what we really are commonly doing is making a wish. When you say, “I hope the iPhone 5 is inexpensive enough that schoolchildren are to be able to get what they need to learn,” what you really mean is, “I wish Apple would give away its products.” For the record pencils are really cheap.

The misuse of the word Hope is reflected greatly in our new culture of instant gratification. The Conservative Hippy believes that there is no worldly satisfaction that Hope brings you immediately. Conservative Hippyism teaches the Balboa principle: it’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

Conservative Hippyism teaches that Hope is adhering to the positive potential in your future, and the future of your fellow man. It is found in the spirituality of the world, not the eloquence and material constructs of man, any man. The interpretation of the symbols and signs, creating metaphors and finding the sublime in the mundane is hope.  Hope is the opposite of despair. Both come in many forms. Enough of the generalities let me see if we can apply the beliefs and teachings of hope to concrete examples.

Greg Allman once told me, It’s the high cost for low living, ain’t it about time you turn yourself around? It’s a high cost of low living, and it’s bound to put you 6 feet under ground.

Now that’s hope. If Greg Allman knows that there’s always a chance for him, then that’s hope. He also told me, when you can’t find the light to guide you through a cloudy day, when the stars aint shining bright and you feel like you lost your way, when the candlelight of home seems so very far away, you got to let your Soulshine just like my daddy used to say. Maybe it was Warren Haynes who said it.

It’s just like an op-POSER to appropriate a word to a single use. I can and should use up a different place and space on how the word HATE has been applied to any argument made my the Op-POSE-istion that disagrees with their worldview. Exploiting the innocent and defenseless to further their own political agenda is a common tasteless tactic. When Conservative Hippyism teaches to care for the defenseless and innocent by helping them develop personal and spiritual tools to care for themselves independently of government and institutional crutches, it is labelled as HATE. That is one tiny little example of redefining a word. The Conservative Hippy knows that judicial activism has ben attempted to be redefined as following the constitution so that doing so will not garner favor, didn’t work. People are not as dumb as their voting record indicates.

Taking the word HOPE and Shanghaiing the public with it is despicable, Daffy Duck says it best. How could anyone be against a notion as benevolent as hope? If you oppose hope, what then do you stand for? Despair? That’s the notion. Take a term and impress the people with it. Let them stand doe-eyed and mouth-agape at how you can make promises of a christian virtue while systematically denying religion. When the seamen awake, having been drunk with eloquence, they are now conscripted into a Navy which leads them further out to see then they have ever been, making them even more reliant and dependent on the captain than ever before. Tell the Captain the ship’s not safe, we’re drowning. Turns out he the one making waves. Eddie might not agree with his lyrics being used here, so I wont ask if you don’t tell. Err…..

The word hope had been so misused and overused that instances of actual despair go unnoticed. The same holds true for all words. Keep labeling difference of opinion or downright disdain of the nanny-state as racism and hate, and real racism and bigotry wills to continue to occur unchecked, slipping the rubber ball under a new cup, while we stay distracted my the street hustler’s parrot.

We get so turned around and misdirected, pointing at one another for answers and the illusion that blame provides, only for the brief relief labelled as hope and righteousness that the real criminals start walking up to us and picking our pockets,not even relying on the shell game anymore. The parasitic nature of government cannot possibly promise such a vast and general notion as hope.


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