Local Reluctant Anti-Hero “Big Mama” Allison Alexander {in progress}

13 Apr

Allison Alexander is the 2nd of 5 sisters, daughter of a Viet Nam vet and a stay-at-home-mother, and a mother of 12. Allison’s teen years were full of acting out and troublemaking. It resulted in her becoming a ward of the State of Tennessee for a time. From humble beginnings etc…In August 2004 she had been living in the Tampa Bay area working as a nanny for a very wealthy and very appreciative family. The promise of financed college-Stetson U-paid for by the family for whom she nannied was not enough to keep her from following a calling. Allison left a cushy job in Florida as a nanny. Her “Nanny Quarters” was a multiple bedroom house and private driveway. She left for Honduras and the life of a poor missionary. The work that she believed she was doing as a disciple of Christ and as a sister of the human family, was teaching and volunteering in an orphanage. The human warehousing was stark there. While it helped kids survive it certainly did not offer them the opportunity to thrive. It was not a home. Babies and toddlers were not crying. Older girls’ whole existence encompassed cooking from wake until sleep in order to feed the rest of the orphanage. And some, shall we say, had concubine duties as well to the orphanage’s director.

After getting close with many of the girls, she began to realize there was a greater potential and unfulfilled mission ahead. Allison gave counsel to one girl in particular whom had become pregnant and was in a gang. This girl was 15. This was not and exceptional case. She convinced the girl that it would be best for for the baby and herself if she left her gang, and had her baby in the orphanage. Allison left the country at the expiration of her visa. Her heart was heavy and somewhat fulfilled with the knowledge that she had done all she could at the time. Or did she? The nagging feeling that more awaitied her weighed on her spirit.

A short time later she was notified that the young woman to whom she had given advice, had followed it. Upon leaving the gang, she was murdered by them while she was still pregnant. The blatant realization was: I could just forget it or do something. Living with it as an Albatross or Scarlett Letter was not an option. There was no blame.

She founded The Eternal Family Project. EFP is Allison’s home in Puerto Cortes, where she raises young Honduran girls whom have been neglected, cast aside, abused, and even maimed.
Honduras was the setting of a near dictatorship, billed as military coup. It currently holds the distinction as one of the most dangerous countries in the world, and it’s second largest city, San Pedro Sula is a murder capitol of Central America.

The internationally recognized mother and missionary, focuses on the mother’s role within the strict confines of diplomatic red-tape, attending to girls of all ages-and varying physical/learning/social abilities- whom all refer to her as mommy. How does this unmarried woman, herself a minority in the culture, promote faith, hope, and love, as well as social justice within the “microcosm” of corruption? The murder rate actually increased three-fold since she has been there. What challenges has she faced in her short parenting tenure?

What can other parents/ missionaries/ human beings and social activists learn from her work? Volunteer and find out.

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