JP Morgan’s Loss and the Free Market

15 May


WHy don’t we just have kings and queens again? If we are to assume that the ruling class of politicians no better than the rest of the citizenry, then let’s hail them as monarchs. They are the same fallible human beings as we are. Foe some reason we assume that they have all the answers and it lies in banal debating over regulation. We elect this people to rep[resent our interests, not to prescribe quick fixes for every mistake. Can we talk illness here? Can we seriously talk about a hover parent that decides it is bad for a child to play soccer because they were late getting home once? Soccer was not the issue, tardiness was. Or was it the fact the tight restriction on time, and assumed authority of the babysitter is problem?

How dare a system, which is rarely accountable, decide when and how to hold another system, which is highly accountable, over the fire for losing money, its oooowwwwnnn money. The government loses money all the time, it actually performs with that ideal in mind: keep spending wastefully so we can increase our budget next go-round. This is a power play disguised as a caring and disciplined parent. A parent who thinks band-aids are for bruises while they bleed internally from the bingeing they have been participating in for years.

No Thank you, I’d like the freedom to fail. The freedom to learn from mistakes. The freedom to fall so I know how to get up. I’d like a government who needs a sponsor for their gambling addiction to stay out of my pocket and not preach to me about my spending habits, right or wrong. There are financial safety nets and protective laws. Then there are enablements and entitlements. MOst disgusting are the regulations, which only ensure that Big Brutha gets his slice of the pie, hedging his bets against any situation. If your company is doing well, you owe more taxes to the benevolent gov’t. If you are doing too well, you owe taxes and an apology and community service and entitlements to those who you didn’t even hire. If you cut corners, you owe taxes and fines as well.

If only Washington, Tallahassee, Trenton, Albany, Helena, Atlanta, Austin, Sacramento, and all the other capitols worked the way they demand our companies work. Then They could enter the argument, and try to compete.


JP Morgan’s Loss and the Free Market.

via JP Morgan’s Loss and the Free Market.

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