Socialists Killed the Creative Star

18 May

sung to the tune of Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles

Okay, so you don’t have to sing, and I won’t write lyrics here. I was reading a very inspiring excerpt from –Beauty Will Save the World by Gregory Wolfe. In it he speaks of how creativity invites virtue.  The act of creativity, the lessons of learning creativity, and others understanding of our creativity, all invite virtue. It is a compelling argument at the least, and a venomous one at the extreme. Let’s spit some venom, for virtue’s sake

It has become quite evident to me through the teachings of socialism that in order for everyone to be equal, no man or woman should have more than what is due to him by some predetermined order. A basic tenet states that the workers should own the means of production. Who creatively invented the product you are owning and producing? What sense of reward, materialistic or spiritual does one receive for creatively inventing something that he will be striped of for the greater society? History shows that this has never been the case, government has always owned it. In the name of compassion and love, government has owned the means of production, ahem-GM-, for the workers.

Creativity perishes. Creativity allows, ensures, demands that one person be very different from another and express himself thusly. A socialist state would deny that creativity unless it only serves the purposes of the greater good and the great society, basically prescribing and defining what is acceptable and what is not. Yes it does. It always has.

I will say that I do like a good socialist realism poster, very creative, and sends a strong clear message. It usually only requires a few colors too: Red and……One thing they have going for them is the ability to produce really effective propaganda. They’ll even redefine words if need be, I ran across a blog that redefines public infrastructure (water, sewers, and rec centers) as examples of socialist success that has not interfered with our economy and has become acceptable. Redefining things in terms of acceptable examples, then makes it hard to argue against it when the real monster arrives. Shit, baby pumas are cuddly and cute as all get out, (whatever that means, a lot, I think) but when the real deal comes a long, should we forget that they will rip your face off as easily as root through your garbage?

You should see how it redefined fascism.

The Conservative Hippy knows that nature abhors suicide. No plant or animal has succeeded by not changing and adapting creatively, or killing itself. This is creativity. It is nature’s way, and the state of humankind when it is allowed to flourish without the direction of a governmental power, without whom he will perish, since it now owns the means of production in that state. I was told recently that all conservatives are “backwards thinkin dogshit.” Simply not true, we are far more creative than that, too bad he wasn’t. With the exception of the backward thinking dogshitters who want to exclude homos (is that still a bad term?) from the same privileges of marriage, while claiming religeous rights to reject contraception. I agree with keeping your politics out of my religeon,- the reverse is impossibly by the way- but doesn’t that mean your churches can run and ruin marriages as they see fit, gay or straight? Why do we need a law preventing it?  ( that argument gets its own space, oh wait, the part about all people being created equal already took care of it).

Creativity is not ensuring that all citizens get healthcare whether they want it or not, because the Gubment knows better. that’s lack thereof, lack of the respect for individuality. It’s socialist liberalism that wants to continually stick people categories and put check-boxes next to them, while insisting legal citizenry not be one of them.

Please argue with this so I can write to the point one thing at a time. There are far too many instances to keep on track in one blog.



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