Principle Before Personality

19 Jun

How base our culture has become when the hunt for truth tellers is more compelling than the cessation of unlawful government killing. If the president can fight private wars and start public ones on his own, and the public is induced to focus on those who have told us what he is doing and not on his misdeeds themselves, and Congress remains a potted plant or willing dupe, the president can get away with anything.

–Andrew Napalitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey

Conservative Hippyism holds as one of it’s Basic Tenets that we argue the principles of governance, lifestyle, coolness, and the application thereof to ourselves first and foremost. If we want to change the world everyone knows you start with one’s self. You start by applying principles,  not simply changing your personality. That’s what the op-POSE-ition does. In fact, that’s the very definition of it: being a poser. When I was a kid, if  I was caught wearing vans, Vision Street Wear, or any other skateboarding attire but I was not known as a skater,  I was a poser. Similarly since I grew up at the Jersey Shore, I had better own a surfboard, or at least a Boogie Board if I was walking around in my corduroy Billabong jacket. That made me a poser too. I lived two blocks from the beach and wore whatever shorts fit me,  preferably cutoffs when I went into the ocean. Not really caring what subclass I represented. But I did know I didn’t want to misrepresent. Whether because of social pressure, or because it just didn’t feel right, being a poser was one of the worst crimes. I think second only to being a rat.

Then Licensed to Ill came out. I realized that being grimy and not representing anything but yourself was really the way to go. Slow and low that is the tempo. I mean, Appetite for Destruction was good, don’t get me wrong, but Licensed to Ill, while full of personality was really an album of principle. Ask somebody. The late Adam Yauch certainly stood for his principles. He did more to bring awareness – and white people do love awareness, but that’s somebody else’s blog – but also brought a lot of action to the Free Tibet movement. Whether not it accomplish anything is still a valid argument. The point is: I knew then that I need to represent myself and have something to base my personality on not vice versa. (Vice-a-versa for hipsters)

The Conservative Hippie knows the life of principle will affect his personality. Conservative Hippyism teaches that trying to create principle based upon the personality you’d like to portray is gossamer. Think of all the hip-hop acts in the day that started shaving their head, wearing black clothing, and took on gangsta style cursing on their albums when the first three or four didn’t sell in that regard. I know RUN DMC even tried it on their album cover “Down with the Kings.” They always wore black, however on that album its was different, compare it to the almighty “Raising Hell” or “Tougher Than Leather.”  I know MC Hammer tried it. I know Public enemy never tried it, never compromised. I know that A Tribe Called Quest never went gangster. But Q-tip did go booty music and the Tribe is never been the same if they still exist.

When I saw Public enemy in 1989 in Orlando Florida, it was one of the biggest best concerts I’ve ever been to. It was Heavy D and the Boys, Queen Latifah, a dude named Chill Rob G who claimed co-authorship of the one time hit “The Power” which was always attributed to an artist named Snap. Public Enemy headlined, oh yeah, and Kid-N-Play was there. If you got to ask I’m not telling you, and their show was all about principle. I know,  I know it’s hard to say principal before personality when talking about somebody like Flavor Flav, but when it’s anchored by Chuck D who has a fictitious yet still effective S1W (Soldiers of the 1st World) dancing on stage in paramilitary gear led by a sincerely hate filled man by the name of Prof. Griff, it’s hard to say that the man isn’t driven by principal.

I digress.

I feel that in today’s world Conservative Hippyism and the Conservative Hippies everywhere are appalled, just appalled at the way gay marriage is looked upon as a principal. It is a clash of personalities nothing more and nothing less. Conservative Hippyism is against concentrating on whether or not the president is on a TV show, whether or not a candidate eats donuts whether or not either of their wives have worked a day in their life or how expensive they’re closing is. The cult of personality to which we are all a part in one way or another, has taught us to look at a person for their social acceptability rather than the ways in which the principles they represent will affect our society.

Principles before personalities also allows us to differ with one another and still protect and respect one another under our flag. Whether it’s here in Florida, where a man may have gone too far in standing his ground, is dissected and all of his financial records become a judgment of whether or not the shooting was justified, or whether or not his financial records paint a picture of good or bad guy, or if it’s on the national scene and we decide that somebody isn’t fit to be president because they slow jam on a nightly television show that barely anybody watches anyway, or if it’s international and we decide that we’re to support a cause, just or not, by wearing T-shirts, buying bumper stickers, denouncing capitalism in our consumerism,  and trying to create for ourselves the personality that we want to portray by pretending to care for principal. That’s a long ass sentence. I know.

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