Sen. Marco Rubio: Obamacare’s taxes punish individuals, small businesses – Orlando Sentinel

08 Jul

I like Marco.  I liked him since he accepted his election in 2010 and spoke of his parents’ nation-CUBA. He referred to their generation and a previous one being hoodwinked by the likes of Che and Fidel. I know Che is a cool symbol and a cult figure. He is a mass murderer and traitor to Cubans. Marco said it best: And when they were, they had dreams like we have now. And yet, they lost all those things through an accident of history.

An accident of history. Fidel and Che promised Cuba freedom from a ruling class, and sold their island to the soviets instead, to become that ruling class. I know, Micheal, their health system is far superior to ours. That’s why Fidel got so sick, and had his doctors flown in from Spain.  And before we get off on how the US embargo is the problem- Conservative Hippyism does not condone embargoes. It does not condone foriegn military bases in areas of zero conflict either. Gitmo should be a resort if our lease is still good. The prisoners can be transferred to cells in their own nations, tried by their own people, oh wait, there crimes were against us….and the cycle….

Conservative Hipyism teaches that no man is born better than another. That is the simple rule. It can be extrapolated into a million different platitudes and applied to as many political debates. Conservative Hipyism keeps it simple. No one was born better than me, I was not born better than anyone else. I was born. I have the responsibility to myself to take care of me and exercise my rights as they were granted to me, by a power greater than myself. That power is not gov. Gov. is made up of people, born no better than me.   You get the idea.

This is Marco’s recent take on recent events. I like the fact based argumentation- The Conservative Hippies demand it actually. I will say this sounds a little like a puff for a Veep gig, so be it. ‘Tis the season.

Sen. Marco Rubio: Obamacare’s taxes punish individuals, small businesses – Orlando Sentinel.


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