A Conversation on our Conservatism

13 Jul

Last night the curlyhaired-blond-girl-with-whom-I-live and I were talking politics. We were recently inspired by an article which I have reposted in this blog called, “freedom in fashion” I had asked her if she heard the story about Mitt Romney speaking to the NAACP. She gave a very belabored, yeeeessss. I said, you know that it’s like swimming with the sharks. There was no way he was going in there and coming out alive. But he went in anyway because not having done so would have made him look as if he were anti-shark. It also would have given rise to arguments that he wouldn’t be able to defend because he took no part in them. So I applauded him for going in and speaking to a group of people from whom he would garner no more than one or two percent support. I said the same thing was true of Bill Clinton after he was first elected. I applauded him for having spoken at the Vietnam War Memorial. I don’t remember exactly the occasion. It might’ve been an anniversary of the erection, or it may have been anniversary of the Fall of Saigon. I applauded him for showing up. The man practically ran on having been a draft dodger. He took a lot of flak for being part of a generation that was defined by that war, and he was the sub section that actually didn’t fight that war. It was a losing battle for him. If he did not go he would’ve been called a dodger again. Especially by me. But he did go because he’s the president, and speaking at war memorials is what he ought to do. Principal before personality-as I like to say. I applauded Bill Clinton for having done that and I applaud Mitt Romney for having addressed the NAACP. We went on to discuss the audio clips that were available. Ones which showed him in a very negative light were readily available. Video and audio clips which showed his speech garnering applause and support – not so much. I’ve then related a Libertarian talkshow host who gave me some insight on that issue. It was that conservatives have been beating the drum of liberal media bias for over 40 years. There is no one in America and possibly no one in the whole world, who does not know that the American media has a liberal bias. If you think the American media does just a fine job, are you a liberal? If you think the American media performs  a fine centered news and information delivery, except for Fox, are you a liberal ? The point is is that for 40 years we’ve been accusing the media of not selling it straight. And selling is what they do-not telling. What has it gained? Nothing. It was then suggested that unless conservatives are truly committed to not supporting the companies and sponsors of these news outlets, nothing will be done. Conservative Hippyism teaches that one ought to clean up his own side of the street before he knocks on his neighbors doors. I’m not going to tell liberal media to clean up their act unless I know I’ve got my story straight. And I think I’m getting it straight. Our conversation continued in the fashion of, well what do we think about mitt Romney? And for the record, the curly-haired-blonde-girl-with-whom-I-live and I, will be voting for the same person just as we did in the Florida primary. We decided that it is more dangerous to vote for Mitt Romney, who 20 or 30 years ago would have been defined clearly, as a Democrat. We decided that it is more dangerous to continue to allow conservatism to be redefined in more and more liberal ways. If the left wants to continue to sell their souls to the socialists and communists who have done nothing throughout history but squash creativity and liberty, let them. If so-called Republicans just want to be popular and liked and continue their codependent crusade and continue to compromise their values under the guise of acceptance. Conservative Hippies will not. This is not throwing arms in the air and saying, screw it. That’s passive. Conservative Hippyism does not teach passivity. In fact, the opposite is true- Conservative Hippyism teaches action, do not mistake stillness for inaction. Do not mistake contemplation for procrastination. We cannot kill a snake until we see its head fully emerge from the grass. The socialist agenda may have to be allowed really rear its ugly head. The hardheaded will have to feel it to believe it. I don’t wish the hardships under such a government upon my fellow man. I do however wish a full and total revelation for my fellow man that they may see exactly what has become of what once was a strong and viable political party. Don’t tell me it hasn’t changed. FDR sold your party. Bill Clinton sold that transformation in only a way that he could, to the next generation. And the Poser in chief, the Poser of the United States is selling it to another. Let that sale be finalized-take that product home see how it works. See if there’s an even exchange and if you can get your money back when it doesn’t work for you, oh wait that’s how capitalists operate. Let’s let it get to that. I know how bad we think it is now, but all we’ve really lost are some of our first world problems. We ought not lose them at all, that’s not the point. Let’s let these socialist tactics come to their full fruition. We ought not stay away from the obvious things that will bring us harm, but when the subtle and less violent aspects of these very same evils are examined, then where do we stand? The further facts are these: you cannot become a Conservative governor of massachusetts. You can certainly be a Republican governor of Massachusetts. But you cannot be a conservative one, it doesn’t live there, true conservativism hasn’t lived and thrived in Massachusetts since Boston Harbor was a safe place from which to eat clams. I will not allow conservatism to be redefined as liberalism. I will not. I’m not saying Mitt Romney won’t make as good or better president than Barack Obama. I’m not saying that by a longshot. What I am saying is that we ought not just be complacent because the man who was elected has an R in parentheses after his name. The curlyhaired-blond-girl-with-whom-I-live and I will not be voting for Mitt Romney. And I know what the immediate reaction is: voting for third-party is just like voting for Barack Obama. So be it. You know what my vote will have? It will have integrity and it will have credibility.

Two very tenuous, yet very important things that no news media outlets, no single group based on politics or the color of your skin can offer. And these are not qualities which are determined by the outcome of an election. Have we forgotten how our government really works? The real battle is not for the presidency, it is for the citizen representation. Fill the House of Representatives and fill the Senate with conservatives and Bozo the clown will be truly accountable to that line of thought and theory and practice of government.


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