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Why I Refuse to Vote for @BarackObama – #ConorFriedersdorf – #TheAtlantic

Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama – Conor Friedersdorf – The Atlantic.

I can delete all my political ramblings of late and just let this article stand as my iron flag!

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SAMRep and DemCro

SAMCRO Premier Beats RNC, DNC. Biden Guest Stars. An unedited, unpublished submission to The Washington Fancy

by ConHippy

CHARMING, CA– After photographs of VP BIden hanging with BIkers and and letting an Ol’ Lady sit on his lap surfaced, FX figured out a good way to boost ratings. Joe Biden guest starred on The Season premier of Sons of Anarchy. Playing a showy, poorly spoken, publicly awkward and painfully oblivious lawyer with a penchant for political gaffes and outrageous claims, The Veep said later, “It was a role I had to really study for, there were a few lines. Otherwise I slid right in.” The lawyer role on the hit FX show was specifically written in by FX execs. FX is an offshoot of the FOC corporation, not a friend to the current Admin. To many, the invite was a shock.

BIden as SAMCRO prospect

Now clean the Harley’s, prospect!

Joe Biden is well known for his reputation as a renaissance man and hollywood demeanor. According to The Fancy’s Washington insiders, unnamed to protect our sources, Joe Biden has been preparing for this cameo for a while. Pictures of him kissing women and being flirty with biker babes, saying stupid things and acting aloof, were all just part of his studying for the part. “Putting him in the role of Vice President, now that was a stretch,” Johnny “Three-Thumbs” Flagler -Technical advisor to Sons  told  The Fancy. “He walked right into the role on our show, in fact he ad-libbed most of the greasy-lawyer-turned-bumbling-politician-stuff, we just gave him a motorcycle club vest and a pair of sunglasses. Hell, he even brought the women with him.” One Intrawebs rumor has postulated that Biden didn’t even know the cameras were rolling, he just nailed the bit naturally-unsubstantiated.

The fact that the cameo was unannounced, and the premier still beat the RNC, and DNC ratings, leads may pundits and campaign strategists to wonder if the two parties need to toughen their images, accept more freedom loving lifestyles, and start rooting for underdogs. The Show, which goes by the shortened name, SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) has prompted alternative biker names for the two part system as well. The RNC fans have begun creating Leather vests and Re-tagging themselves as SAMRep while Democrat fans have adopted DemCRO. The Libertarian crowd seems to already make up a large percentage of the outlaw biker community and responded to the survey with, “Fuck Your Two-Party-System!”



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Obama Laments Reelection: “Those Last Four Years… Bush Built That!” The Washington Fancy

Obama Laments Reelection: “Those Last Four Years… Bush Built That!” | The Washington Fancy.- Your Leading Misleading Source for Politics

This headline was supposed to read like the popular meme, “President laments re-election, ‘look at the mess I inherit.” Editor’s changed it, and the second paragraph, which changes the meaning of the ending…just saying

Obama Laments Reelection: “Those Last Four Years… Bush Built That!”

By ConHippy

WASHINGTON — During an underwhelming speech today in which President Barack Obama reinforced his monetary policy of the rich paying more so that the middle-class can pay less, the President reached in his back pocket and retrieved a folded piece of paper.

In his all-too-well-known, charismatic delivery, the president returned to his old mantra of “The economy of the last four years… Bush built that!”

He listed, “…an insurmountable debt, bloated government, and an unacceptable jobless rate…” as his inheritance from the previous four years to a raucous applause. The crowd, consisting mostly of democrats, was joined by a large number of libertarians and swing voters in a standing ovation. The speech was capped with a promise to close Guantanamo Bay.

According to The Fancy’s White House Correspondent and Rose Garden Lawn Jockey, Miles O’Keefe, the President’s words were spoken with conviction and without the infamous teleprompter. The feelings of empathy from a crowd of mixed voters seemed to be unanimous. They all agreed that the previous presidency was solely to blame for the problems.

Afterward, WHCoS, Jack Lew blogged: What the president meant was, “Remember when I had to inherit the mess I claimed to have inherited? Feel that way again? Bush built that. It just came out sideways.”

Representatives of the Romney camp were in Tampa, conducting important cigar research in preparation for the RNC. When asked for a reaction, Campaign cigar advisor Sam “Big Sam” Rodriguez replied, “I think he’s finally on to something. He’s gone a little retro. Shame about the last four years. Can’t wait until we spin this one. Got a light?”

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Movie Monday- Margaret

Movie Monday- Margaret. This is a great Review by my Lesser of two evils Twin

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RNC Protests Rated “Lamest Ever” by Tampa P.D.

RNC Protests Rated “Lamest Ever” by Tampa P.D.

[an unedited, unreleased semi-satire submission to The Washington Fancy -The Leading Misleading Source for Politics}

by Con Hippy

TAMPA, FL– The Tampa Police Dept released a statement over the Labor Day weekend denouncing the protesters and political dissidents at the RNC.   Police mobile armories had been set up around The St. Pete Times Forum and adjacent facilities. Hundreds of officers were granted overtime. Two arrests were made. Captain Seamus Fuji described the demonstrators as, “disappointing, lame, and not worth the price of admission. These were the smallest crowds I have ever seen, except for when the Devil Rays first started playing.” Small corrals had been erected and agitators had been instructed to use those confined spaces in which to make their point. According to Capt. Fuji, they ALL seceded to demands.


The notion of a kinder, gentler public radical has left a bad taste in the overall communities mouth. Jeanette V. Jayjay, the woman behind the infamous Giant Labia costume, went on record with The Fancy’s Women’s Issues editor, Peter Paul Maryson. “I realized too late that Tampa, with it’s history of overt sex trade, bad sports, and horrible mayors is immune to seeing giant pussies screaming for their rights. That, and I probably just blended in with the emo-hipster crowd so prevalent in that part of the city.” The interview is available now in graphic novel form.

The two arrests made over the span of the convention were for public urination, (unreleased college student-unrelated to convention) and solicitation (typical for Kennedy Blvd on a Tuesday). The organizers and anarchists have responded by tweet :” @TBPD allowed us to protest and say bad words. it wasn’t the same #nofair.” Expectations are greater for the DNC in Charlotte, where the climate may be more suitable, literally, for outdoor heckling. Tampa averaged 92 degrees and rainy, Charlotte should be cooler and clearer. If not, the president’s ecology plan should take care of it.

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