That’s What. In response to What If?

21 Nov

I read and excellent blog. It was simple and made me start typing. Please read it. My reply turned into this post:

I used to stand behind all American Military action. It was easier that way. I could say point to the atrocities of socialism, the inhumanity of military despotism, or more simply to the thriving nation we were and ask how selfish it is to assume that only we are fit for such a blessed life. I do not do that anymore, not as a way to excuse our military action, anyway. I still believe socialism has killed many things, actual human the greatest and least forgivable, creativity and improvisation in the marketplace the most subtle. I can point to the facts of barbarism in any authoritarianism or monarchical government, usually done without a veil, and in defiance of the world’s standard. I do hold sacred the founding and intention of these United States. None of these are justifications for a policy of nation-building, interference, or occupation. In fact, using compassion to excuse political ambition makes a mockery of both.

I am the grandson of a veteran of the Pacific campaign, and a veteran of D-Day and Battle of the Bulge. I would encourage my son to follow his conscience, the way they did.

The questions you pose are very intriguing. Donald Trump does not command an army. His being rich does not give him sway over our army, negotiable concept, but him in particular, no way. Journos targeted for writing the truth? It does happen. They don’t get prosecuted in America, not usually, but they do get pushed to the margins and out of the mainstream, so persecuted is a valid word. In America children are being systematically hunted and killed by government, only in the form of a pious and benevolent public education system,- that one will have to be another discussion. As for real witnesses to our atrocities, sorry. The US drone attack campaign which has decimated more civilians than any of our invasions, continues to go on with impunity and very little coverage, so our children won’t have to witness it. War is Peace. That is the Orwellian slogan the two-party system has been selling as happy pills, to me there a suppository.


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2 responses to “That’s What. In response to What If?

  1. countingducks

    November 21, 2012 at 10:41 am

    I got pointed over here by another blog, “MyDutchLife” I think its called. Anyway. I like what you are saying

    • conhippy

      November 21, 2012 at 3:54 pm

      Thank you. I think I could take each one of the sentences and create a whole new blog. There so much information and each one of those topics could be broadened and discussed at length. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve read Atlas Shrugged and I’m now reading 1984. I also voted libertarian for the first time in my life this year.


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