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FCAT makes a parent Crazy

One parents recollection of what puts the F in FCAT.

“I HATE THE FCAT!!!! Yes, I mean the word “HATE!!” absolutely, positively!!! The poor pubic school teachers are forced to “teach to the FCAT,” which means any other subjects not directly associated with that foul “exam” are sacrificed and murdered. Miranda had NO SCIENCE or HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES for over a month at the end of fourth grade, because her poor teacher had “gotten behind” on teaching whatever math or language arts was required for the kids to spit back on paper at the appointed time. She was up until 1 AM doing “spelling words,” which she was too exhausted to remember!!! The principal would begin FCAT test day by personally visiting every classroom to remind the children that if they FAILED …yes, FAILED… the FCAT, they would also FAIL their grade level…even if their report cards showed that they made straight A’s! At the very least, they would be forced to attend summer school. Miranda, who was a straight A student, would get so upset that she would literally throw up and always missed school the day after the test, just to calm her nerves. And, God help us, she didn’t make a PERFECT score, so she would throw up all over again!!!

…want some more rantings from me??? Yes, I will happily support and join and cheerlead any effort to get rid of that STUPID EXAM!!!

Love and Kisses, Crazy Jo”


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A few remarks on the WANEE weekend

So I have to speak on this. The Libertarianesse and I will not be attending Wanee this year. Not such a tragedy, as it is no one’s fault. I don’t know what it is I guess that’s why I’m speaking on it. We didn’t just decide that we weren’t going to go. No one’s trying to justify something that I haven’t done wrong. We decided that we just couldn’t justify this year when we are six months pregnant and under staffed. The work of the Conservative Hippyists take up a lot of time and require a lot of resources. Either way I’m driving into work right now. I should be waking up and finishing packing the car. We typically like to get to Wanee early Thursday afternoon to set up. In the past three years we chose a similar location. It’s a bit of a walk but the area provides a lot of tree shade and is far off enough to be quiet…er in the middle of the night.

I’m trying hard to be angry. I’m really in the mood to be resentful that we’re not going. But it won’t stick. Sure, there’s a little bit of valid sorrow. But for some reason, no matter how hard I try I just can’t get into the frame of mind that I’m used to.I’m okay with it.  I am recognizing the rain. It is supposed to rain all weekend in Live Oak, FL. That doesn’t make for the best festival weather. But I don’t care to be spiteful, really. I’m not wishing anyone ill. I really liked the Wanees when it didn’t rain, that’s all I’m saying.

Here’s what I will miss:

The blind camaraderie– Wanee goers all know that they are on the same team. Sure a few posers abound, but nobody id there to pick a fight. In three consecutive years, I saw one guy get arrested. I think we spoke to a security guard once and he said that 30,000 Wanee folk usually produce less than 100 arrests. A few weeks later is Country Music Jam, and of the 9000, people there are hundreds of arrests. The blind camaraderie is evident in the walks to and from the festival grounds. We pick up conversations along the way. Talking about how incredible bands are, were, are going to be tonight. The blind camaraderie shows up in the peddler’s tents.

The Libertarianesse and I at Wanee '10

The Libertarianesse and I at Wanee ’10

There is no hard sell. People excuse themselves in the tight quarters. Everyone is into what you’ve bought. The bling camaraderie is an attraction all its own.


thanks for letting me talk on this.

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Artificial Flight

April is National Poetry Month. A haiku and Tanka for this week:


WIngs grip the fresh air

No feathers nor beak nor blood

Tires sound the screech



Sun seeps through the glass

Rain follows through a pinhole

Barriers will fail

Natural forces will trump

Determination purpose


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Our April fools joke to our students. I bet you could actually research some of these. | Kunz Copy and Content

Our April fools joke to our students. I bet you could actually research some of these. | Kunz Copy and Content.

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