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Population Control…You First.

Of the many things for which I am eternally grateful is the opportunity to reinforce my beliefs with the brick and mortar of my opponents arrogance and stupidity. Seriously. I am grateful for that or I will resent it. Resentment allows those nimrods to live rent free in my head. So I find gratitude and get productive. I alluded in an earlier post to a kid with whom I work. Yesterday, at a collaborative curriculum workshop, it was suggested that in a number of years the Earth will be overpopulated and that some form of population control is required. I cringe. I always cringe. I told this young man that I cringe at that. He thought what was more pressing is that a “person is required to have a licence to operate a vehicle, but not to procreate…”

English Translation: 60000 RM this is what this person suffering from hereditary defects costs the Community of Germans during his lifetime Fellow Citizen, that is your money, too

English Translation:
60000 RM
this is what this person suffering from hereditary defects costs the Community of Germans during his lifetime
Fellow Citizen, that is your money, too

I am tempted to leave that there and let you all respond. But there’s more! I retorted with an equally ludicrous remark. “I can’t drive a person into another person, or run a person over with another person.”: I mean, lets talk apples to apples. He clarified. I wished he hadn’t. One bad seed can ruin dozens of other lives…or something. I started to tighten up. Then I realized that what I was hearing sounded like resentment. When other people hurt me, or hurt themselves, I don’t like it and I can’t control it like I wished I could, so i resent them for even being born.

The actual application of the things he is describing are horrendous. What would the application look like? Would we have to wait in line to get our numbers called, then plea to the bureau for a licence? Or do we have to take government training courses first? What could possibly be the peaceful outcome?

It’s ironic that these same people promote an idea that says we can be free to do what we want with our bodies, as long as what we want to do with our bodies is kill our baby. Okay, so maybe it’s not ironic at all, it sounds consistent doesn’t it.

Maybe it’s just about providing free prophylactics? We all know that it’s unfair that the poor can’t afford to but rubbers and pills. This supposes that children and families are roadblocks to financial success. How dehumanizing. Wait, that’s consistent as well! The entire package, seen in it’s entirety is scary as hell, I imagine this is what the political dissidents will feel like in a controlled population, if their parents were allowed to procreate without swearing allegiance first. I know, that’s ludicrous.

Let’s say a political dissedent, or retard, or homosexual, or some other “bad seed” gets ill. Will they be treated under a population control policy? 


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Senator Rubio’s Response

I recently emailed my senator, Marco Rubio asking him to get on board with the FairTax. I liked his election speech when he referred to the Communist revolution in Cuba as a “mistake of history”.

Here is his response in total:

Dear Mr. Kunz,

Thank you for contacting me in regard to tax reform and its effects on our economy, job market, and American taxpayers. I appreciate the opportunity to address this important issue.

Our nation’s dire fiscal situation is challenged not only by out-of-control spending and an unsustainable rate of growth in our nation’s debt, but a burdensome and complicated tax code. Our economy can only grow if we increase the availability of jobs and attract investment to promote the growth of business. In order to accomplish this, we must reform our tax code. We need a tax system that is simple, permanent, and advocates growth.

Our existing tax code is unnecessarily complex and costly. Americans and businesses should not have to hire armies of accountants and tax lawyers to navigate the tax code. In the 113th Congress, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and I joined with Democratic Senators Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Tom Carper (D-DE) to introduce bipartisan legislation, the Seniors’ Tax Simplification Act, a bill to simplify tax filing requirements for seniors by establishing a new basic tax form for seniors’ unique income needs. By improving a portion of our convoluted tax code, this bill is a modest step towards fundamental tax reform.

Comprehensive tax reform eliminating loopholes and carve-outs in our 70,000-page tax code must be enacted. These exemptions and incentives are more often than not the result of good lobbying, not good policy. They distort our economy and choose favorites in the private economy. By eliminating these distortions, individuals will be empowered to spend, work, and invest where they see fit. Individual economic empowerment is the real source of America’s success, and it will be the force making the 21st century another American century.

Current federal fiscal policies make it difficult for job creators to start and grow businesses. The President and his administration have made it more complicated to adhere to tax laws by imposing excessive regulation and increasing taxes across the board. Jobs will only be created when job creators feel confident in the economic climate and can plan for future expenses. A continued reliance on anti-competitive tax increases will cause more economic uncertainty, stifle job creation, and keep America on a path toward a diminished future, at a time when unemployment is high. We need to permanently enact a long-term reduction in tax rates to achieve a stable tax system that fosters economic growth.

As part of a comprehensive tax reform effort that roots out wasteful tax provisions, we also must sharply lower the corporate tax rate to help us attract more investment and create new jobs. Last year, the U.S. earned the dubious distinction of having the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. Businesses will naturally gravitate toward countries and states with business-friendly tax burdens, so lowering our corporate rate will enhance our global competitiveness and attract more investment from around the world.

As your Senator, I will keep your thoughts in mind as I work to reform our tax code, grow our economy and assist in the creation of jobs. It is an honor and pleasure to serve you and the people of Florida.


Marco Rubio
United States Senator”


What are your thoughts?


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Rep. Ryan Winkler is a Liberal Bigot

Lets not forget it was liberal America who came up with the pube on the Coke can horse shit. Now the guy who earned a BA in history from Harvard claims he accidentally used a classic racial slur. That’s another insult. This time on the intelligence of the rest of us. That is typically what liberaism is. It is considerably consistant with policies of the soft bigotry of low expectations. See here for more on that here, or if you prefer, a moron on that here. Crash his twitter accounts.



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Gov Christie Moves In as New Soprano Don

I'm gonna make a statement they can't refuse to laugh at...

I’m gonna make a statement they can’t refuse to laugh at…

The following is an unedited, unapproved submission to The Washington Fancy: Your Leading Misleading Source for News

By Con “I grew up ‘Down the Shore” Hippy

-Trenton, NJ After a mourning period of 24 hours, during which all government business was shut down, and NJ PBS stations played Woke Up This Morning endlessly for the entire time, Gov Christie (NJ) made a shocking announcement. Adorning sunglasses, a cigar and a black band around his right arm he addressed a crowd outside the State Capital building. Now that acting head of the Soprano Crime Family has died of a surprise heart attack, he would assume the reigns of “Don” and relinquish his governorship and forgo any bid for president in the future.

“It is my duty, and my privilege to lead the family in it’s new direction. Since time immemorial, men have taken after dead men.The King is dead, long live the King. Fahgettaboutit.” A stunned press corp and shocked crowd seemed to laugh the announcement off. According to The Fancy’s North Jersey correspondent and organized crime insider, Joey ‘bag-o-donuts’ Bagadonatti, all in attendance were puzzled. Christie’s announcement comes on the heels of the untimely and sudden death of Actor James Gandolfini, a NJ native – what people call a “Jersey Boy.” He is best known to one generation as the lovable sociopath Anthony Soprano from HBO’s similarly titled award-winning series. A younger generation knows him as the voice of Carol from Where the Wild Things Are.  No one seems to remember The Last Castle, Surviving Christmas, Night Falls on Manhattan, or this writer’s personal favorite: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, directed by Clint Eastwood, and Starring John Cusack and Kevin Spacey. Gandolfini played, “Diner Cook #2 (uncredited).”

A few onlookers reportedly mumbled that “…it was just a show, is this guy fuckin’ serious?” Unfortunately none of them were available for comment following the conference. In fact, rumors have been circulating in the newly re-opened shore towns of Belmar and Seaside Heights, that it is to be assumed that Christie is the new acting Boss of the Soprano Family and any remarks to the contrary will be “dealt with.” A canvass of the area by The Fancy only resulted in citizens remarking, “I don’t know nuthin’…I didn’t hear or see nuthin! Fuck ya mutha!”

I like it when it says 'Some Pulp!

I like it when it says ‘Some Pulp!’

Calls to the Governor’s mansion have been forwarded to a Pork and Import store in East Orange Twp. All the paparazzi have been able to provide so far is a single photo of the (ex?) governor wading, shirtless in his backyard pool, feeding ducks.

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