Intention and Lent.

12 Feb
Intention and Lent.

So once again I find myself being intentional. I’m elucidating my intentions for the day. That is also the first day of Lent. Couple of years ago the curly blonde haired woman with whom I live and I also did a vegan fast for Lent. It was interesting. I found a lot of great recipes, realized that there are animal products in a lot more things than you think. I couldn’t partake in marshmallow roasting because it had gelatin. The hard part was being able to just pull over and get something to eat when I needed to. I found that there were a few places that could and would make a vegan meal for you quickly. But we also fasted. We were able to put off over eating. Overindulging as well. One of the glorious side effects of that, as it was pointed out to me, was that it put me in spiritual solitude with those around the world for whom hunger was not a choice.

But that’s more of a reflection. My intention for today and for the rest of Lent is to get my pen back in my hand. Let’s be honest I do a lot of composition by simply speaking into my iPhone. This blog app and Google’s doc app work incredibly well on this platform. I was able to transcribe 50 pages in November of my novel. Problem is I have yet to go back and make sure that my words were transcribed correctly. There is a certain anxiety I have when I work on my novel. I can’t figure out why.

So I’m continuing to keep my intentions logged and blogged. Today I will also buy a car. I need to buy a car. My rental has to be returned in two days it’ll probably take that long to purchased a car insured register it and pick it up. I need to make sure I do that today.


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