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A Brother’s Concern

Here’s a guy who’s not a politician, not a teacher, not really I heated debater either. He’s a thinker, an individualist.
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A Day in the Park

I remember the summer of 1994, I had just left my first university. That is, I was asked not to reenroll. I was spending the summer at my ancestral estate on the Jersey Shore. That is, the old B&B where most of my cousins and I grew up.

My cousin and I decided to go into New York City to attend a rally. That is we spent the day at Hemp-fest in Washington Sq. Park. My late uncle, Augie, even drove us to Penn Station so we could catch the train. What a guy. He knew what we were going to do and decided that it was up to us to keep ourselves safe and didn’t believe, even way back then, in the illegality of plants. And this was from an ex-military officer and current Jersey City truant officer. It was a great time, we witnessed no aggression, except from the police were just waiting for people to step outside the park so they could be busted.

Of course, an hour and a half of fellowship and we needed some lunch. That is, we had such a case of the munchies that all we could do was make a run for one of the dozens – I mean dozens – of hot dog carts just waiting outside the park. I had a $50 bill on me. Don’t know how I had any money left on me, we had bought a whole tobacco leaf and a few dimes. A dime went a lot further than it does today.

The hotdog cart guy made us six hotdogs. By the time he handed the sixth hotdog to us, my cousin and I had each already eat eaten one, or two. I handed the hotdog cart attendee a $50 bill. He said he could accept that because he didn’t have change. I looked at him and said, “I guess we should give these back to you then.”

He said something close to – get the hell out of here.

We took our hotdogs, that is, his hotdogs that he wrote off that day, and scarfed them down. We then found a guy with sugarcoated roasted nuts. That is, he was attending a cart that roasted sugarcoated peanuts and cashews. He had change for 50. So we washed down our hotdogs with crunchy sugary treats. This remains one of the highlights of my 18th year. Not because I got to get high all day. That happened countless times. But because the spirit of freedom and individual liberty lent itself to the occasion. There was an understanding that what we were doing was natural and nobody wanted to blow that feeling by being jerks to one another. It was a better lesson in humanity and natural law then any threat or instance of security theater and government mandated compassion I have ever seen.

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