You Gotta Be Kidding Me. No? Then It’s Funny.

25 Jun
You Gotta Be Kidding Me. No? Then It’s Funny.

I came home from early mass this morning to find my son and wife crawling around and eating breakfast, respectively. The  TV was on in the background, which is not a special thing, but to have the morning news on is. I can’t stand the morning news. The only thing more evil and vile is morning drive comedy DJ’s. The scum of the earth. I turned just in time to see the “We Shall Overcome” debacle. The so-called-leadership of the congress with arms crossed and protest linked and pretending to know the words, swayed to-and-fro in a shameful scene. It made me seasick just watching it.idiots At least Boehner didn’t pretend to care. he also had the sense to call window seat, not having to squeeze between to people. Pelosi looked the shot-out prom-queen-on-pills ragdoll that she always does. McConnell and Reid just hoped that this act will continue to help wash the blood of the Jim Crow legacy of the Democrat party off their hands, or at least smear some on the rest of the leadership.

Leadership is a loaded term here.

And this isn’t and awkward white thing. What the heck does congress have to overcome? It makes it specifically hypocritical and more than a bit insulting to watch them pretend to be people-of-the-people or down with any struggle at all.

Maybe I just watch too much House of Cards. It was shameful and priceless, at once.

Can we talk overcoming racism? The US government has done more to create divides and social tension than any acts of free-society. Most hatefully, the continued economic slavery of minorities. The educational enslavement through the soft bigotry of low expectations. Entitlements are not meant to help or create liberty, they control.we_shall_overcome_full_page we-shall-overcome


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