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You’ll just feel a little prick  or Thanks for everything Jimmy Kimmel. 

You’ll just feel a little prick  or Thanks for everything Jimmy Kimmel. 

Now it’s trendy to ostracize and socially criminalize those of US who have not vaccinated their kids. And screw you Jimmy Kimmel for making it hip. You used to be an original. Now I see you just goose step to the beat. 

Unfriend me if you think my unvaccinated kid is a danger. And good luck living in fear of other people’s children and choices. Good luck now that you’ve allowed the medical community amongst the growing number of people claiming power over your life. 

Here is a recent response I wrote: 

And as soon as he (Kimmel) or any of those doctors are granted authority over my family (not just power) – or AT LEAST- stop making bigoted assumptions about why people CHOOSE ( a word we support in all other walks of life) not to vaccinate,  an entertainer’s opinion is as good as his rented suit.  It’s especially dubious watching someone who got famous promoting sexism on Comedy Central try and take some pretend moral high ground. 

I wonder if you put as much thought into sending your fellow man off to war. 

I wonder which freedom loving people you would like to have in your corner when the lapdog media decides it’s your choices they want to capitalize on.

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Satan! Oh No! Run for the School Board!

This is the Satanic Coloring book that was being distributed – or attempted to be- on the campuses of Orange County (FL) schools. As a result, all bibles and even Atheist (yes, I capitalize it) lit is now banned. Seriously, look at it. It’s gotta be a joke. If not, why is so much sexualized pop-culture embraced? When does the banning stop? who are you kidding to believe that everything deemed harmful, is banished by the power of a school “bored” decree? That sounds like you believe in divinity to me. “All Hail Common Core!!” and the elite ruling class.

don’t get me started on the way more dangerous and soul-crushing standardized tests that are being distributed this week of which the sheeple of Orange County approve!!


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