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Noble Stockholm Syndrome 

“Proud To Pay My Taxes”I still notice some people saying, “I’m proud to pay my taxes!” And it’s still pathetic, for several reasons.

1) Being “proud” that you did something you were FORCED to do is absurd. If you voluntarily contribute to the well-being of your fellow man, great. But it’s not charitable–you get no credit for compassion or generosity–if you had no choice in the matter. Taking “pride” in being robbed is looney.

2) Unless you completely approve of everything “government” does, then being “proud to pay your taxes” means being proud to pay for things that YOU oppose, and think are a bad idea. How much of a schizo do you have to be to express pride in funding things you don’t even want or like?

3) Even regarding the “government” services you want (ignoring how inefficient and wasteful “government” always is), why feel “proud” to pay for a service? Is it especially noble and selfless to BUY STUFF?

4) If you think giving money to politicians constitutes “contributing to society,” you’re delusional. Getting robbed by a carjacker, or just flushing your money down the toilet, does far less harm to society than “paying taxes.”

If you are “proud to pay taxes,” look up “Stockholm Syndrome.” You only feel “pride” because you were TRAINED to feel loyalty to your political masters, and to feel good about blindly obeying their “laws” and paying the tribute they call “taxes.” That doesn’t make you a good person. It makes you a good slave.“
— Larken Rose

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“Not my job,” and a Shove Off. 

What Would the Dude Do?

Tell me if I’m more crazy than usual. 
Here is an email I sent. I won’t set up. Form your own assumptions.  The recipients were the local PTSA president, the principal of the school, and the chief of police. 


 I live Oak Forest. Many of the parents of ITMS students use the first 50 yards of both sides of Trotwood Blvd inside my neighborhood as their pickup lot. It is not one. It causes a dangerously contested travel path, and it’s just rude. 
Please ask your parents not to. 

It’s bad enough we have to stop and wait while grown adults get escorted across the street by crossing guards….

 My first response was from the PTSA president, note the dismissal:

Hi Shaun, 

You can go ahead and take me off your list. I have nothing to do with anything regarding your concerns, so I’m assuming you are sending me this in error. 
 I would suggest contacting your HOA or the WSPD. 

Thanks so much.

 My confused response:

You were listed as PtSa president. 

Seemed very appropriate. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Her retort:

am the PTSA President, however, the PTSA has no involvement with matters like this. The HOA or WSPD would be your best bet. As a resident of a neighborhood a few streets down, I notice the elementary pick up is much worse. The residents on the other side of Trottwood contacted the city and WSPD so the line up isn’t on that side anymore. Try the WSPD route- the schools can do nothing about it, either. I hope that helps. I can’t imagine how frustrating that is!

There was at least an expression of empathy. There was also a recognition of my statement. I assumed that the PTSA president would have an interest in the actions of the parents or at least see the connection. I assumed. That’s on me. 

Then the Principal replied. 

Thanks for sharing

Whew. The shove off. 

My irked reply. 

No other input? “Thanks for sharing.” Bit smug, no? I turned to those with direct positive influence, a PTSA president and a principal, I get “Not my job,” and a shove off.  

I guess it’s back to the horn and dirty looks. 

I am an Ordained Dudeist Priest

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I’m still not two-party. Thankfully. 

I’m still not two-party. Thankfully. 

What Would the Dude Do?

When referencing the right-so called conservatives-who are really just sheep in wolves clothing anyway, using big govt to impose lifestyles and restrictions- the left likes to use the term “Teabagger.” And the dummies actually coined the term! That’s all that was needed for justification, minimizing rationalization and denial. 
Teabagger is an offensive sexual reference. And it’s known and intended. Leftists operate with impunity and use this language so cavalierly. Then they have audacity to claim the mantle of morality. Could you imagine the cry-bullying if this was directed toward the sensitivities of leftists? “hate! hate! Witchcraft! Safe-space!”
I wonder if the youngest constituents of either pretend opponents even understand the historical reference. How about the modern resurgence of tea-party? Can you recall the impetus? Rachel Maddow made fun of the sexual reference first, she’s untouchable. 
The TeaParty has left the fiscally appropriate origins of its name and has been bandwagoning every bullshit capital “R” republican (RepubliCON) cause. 
Don’t get me started with the Fisher Price- My First Political Simplicity toy showroom that is Occupy Democrats

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