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From the Facebook page of Arcin Vohra:

Tomorrow we will celebrate the secession of the British colonists from the British government. 
No matter what pro-status-quo cronyists tell you, secession is alive and well. In fact, we’re taking it to the next level.
Individuals and businesses are cutting ties to governments. Last year, a record number of Americans repudiated American citizenship to seek personal and economic freedom elsewhere. They are saying to all countries: you now need to compete for us, like businesses compete for customers. If you want productive and effective people to come to your country, attract us with lower taxes, fewer corrupt regulations, and more personal freedom.
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are allowing economic secession. Individuals and businesses are working to secede from unreliable, easily taxable currencies to currencies that allow true economic freedom. While political Libertarians are working to end the Fed, techo-libertarians are helping us put the Fed out of business through competition.
Britain prefers classic secession. With Brexit, they are poised to become Europe’s Hong Kong. But a warning to my British friends: the status quo is trying to stall you. They are trying to figure out how to get the same cronyist favors again, this time through trade treaties. You should reject any treaties that restrict entrepreneurship, innovation, or trade. 
And a quick note to my friends in Puerto Rico: you shouldn’t be fighting for statehood. You should be fighting for independence.
Look at Hong Kong: a tiny island with slightly less government than China. It became one of the most important financial, economic, and cultural centers of the world. Imagine if Puerto Rico was an independent nation, with minimal taxes and regulation. Puerto Rico could become an international economic powerhouse, rather than just another source of tax funding for military contractors, cronyist corporations, and corrupt unions.
As an independent nation, you could lower taxes and other impediments to business, and make Puerto Rico a dominant center of commerce and culture.
Secession’s best friend Nullification is also growing. States are nullifying marijuana laws while the federal government awkwardly watches. 
Although the current president is refusing to pardon all nonviolent drug offenders, individuals are taking matters into our own hands. We’re using jury nullification to keep nonviolent, harmless individuals out of prison. When it’s a nonsense charge – drugs, prostitution, etc. – we’re saying “not guilty”.
Here’s a fact: right now, the status quo cronyists don’t know what to do. The federal government is just nervously watching one state after another nullify federal drug laws. With bitcoin, they are just burying their heads in the sand, hoping it just goes away. 
They are even losing control over their shrinking political puppet parties, while the Libertarian movement continues to grow. 
Happy Independence Day. Happy Secession Day. Happy Nullification Day.
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra

Vice Chair

Libertarian National Committee

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