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To Former Berners

To Former Berners

To All Former Sanders Supporters:
In 2008, for the only time in my life, I voted for a non-Libertarian for president. I voted for Barack Obama, donated to his campaign, and even encouraged others to vote for him.
Why? He seemed to want to bring the troops home and end military overreach. He admitted to smoking marijuana, and I thought he would end the War on Drugs. 
But that didn’t happen. He expanded the War on Drugs and continued military overreach. In other words: I, and so many other young activists, got tricked. We thought he would stand up to defense contractors and war profiteers and reduce military overreach. We thought he would stand up to prison guard unions and alcohol companies and end the drug war…or at least legalize marijuana. None of that happened. The anti-establishment hero of young activists turned out to be just another supporter of cronyism and violence.
Today’s Democratic nominee isn’t even pretending. She’s openly pro drug war. She’s openly in favor of military overreach. In fact, she gets more donations from defense contractors than any other candidate. (Usually, Republicans get the most donations from defense contractors.) She isn’t even pretending to want to end the government’s unconscionable military overreach or war on drugs. In fact, she’s promised to continue both.
And now, she wants you to support those policies by voting for her. Make no mistake: a vote for Clinton is a vote to continue military overreach to benefit defense contractors. It is a vote to continue the war on drugs, which increases violence and destroys families. It is a vote to take money from decent people and give it to military contractors.
A vote for Gary Johnson, on the other hand, is a vote to reduce or end the War on Drugs, which will reduce violent crime. It is a vote to bring the troops home, to stop creating enemies by bombing hospitals, and to stop outspending the next ten countries combined on military spending. It is a vote to end the Patriot Act and even pardon Edward Snowden.
The only pragmatic, practical way to end the War on Drugs, to end U.S. military overreach, is to vote against it. If you support ending these policies, please consider the policies and platform of Gary Johnson.
Arvin Vohra

Vice Chair

Libertarian National Committee

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