Abortion delays, liberty, and real compassion. 

15 Dec

Reprinted from Facebook 

“While there are staunch views on both ends of the abortion debate, most people will agree that an early term abortion is better than a late term one. An abortion done in week 1 is generally preferred to one done in week 30.
Mandatory counseling, waiting periods, and similar government schemes turn early term abortions into late term abortions. If you are pro choice: eliminating those delays makes abortions safer, more convenient, and more affordable. Women have to take less time off from work or school.
If you are pro life: eliminating those delays reduces the scope of the abortion. Most pro life people consider a partial birth abortion worse than a morning after pill. Eliminating those delays moves abortion in the less bad direction.
Not everyone who wants an abortion is a millionaire housewife who has time for multiple, unnecessary appointments. Multiple, unneeded, appointments can push an abortion back several weeks for those with personal and financial demands. It makes a problem worse. Eliminating those delays reduces the scope of the problem.
No matter what your views on abortion are, mandatory counseling and other delays make abortion worse. Eliminating all pointless governmental delays may not create a perfect world, but doing so will certainly create a better world. 
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra

Vice Chair, Libertarian Party

Author, Why Hillary Lost” 

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