Stop with the free healthcare shit, you’re not a victim if you don’t have it, you’re not a victor if you do.

22 Jan

The solution to hard to afford healthcare is not free universal healthcare. We are seeing that. It creates animosity among the payers, and dependency upon the recipients. There are so many federal regulations in the way of actual market competition – which always drives down price – that need to be removed. Private citizens should be able to form associations and share The cost of healthcare the same way companies do for their employees. As it stands they cannot, insurance, should be able to cross state lines and offer their individual services & create competition to drive down price, as it stands they cannot. Insurance companies also can’t find any profit when I have to constantly compete against the so-called free government alternative. Much like private schools.
We’ve been sold a bill of goods that tells us we need coverage for every little scrape and cut we get, we do not. If Insurance policies with high deductibles that cover the catastrophic events in our life were more common, that would drive down price because doctors would be seeing more people with cash in hand for the little things, instead of being able to charge exorbitant prices knowing insurance will cover it.

The administration of these things costs a lot of money. The administration and bureaucracies in Washington giving us the free healthcare, which is not free, cost more than the medical expenses. Most of the Obama care bill is not about medicine.
And absolutely positively no conversation about insurance is complete until we talk about tort reform. Most medical expenses are so high because doctors have to cover their asses against frivolous lawsuits. Tort reform must come first. But congress is full of rx trial lawyers so

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