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Government keeps people poor. 

Myth: the poor don’t pay taxes.Fact: the poor pay plenty of taxes. 
Some is sales tax. Some is property tax (part of your rent goes to cover property taxes). A huge amount comes from higher prices.
In fact, some government programs (e.g. farm subsidies, tariffs) are designed specifically to increase prices. At the same time, high income and corporate taxes mean that firms need to charge more to make profit.
The result: food that should cost 20 cents costs $20. Labor goes into bare survival, rather than into improvement. Government keeps the poor from becoming better off.
And don’t fall for the “well, the money goes to the poor” argument. Some does. More goes to military overreach, pork barrel projects, and research and arts grants for the elite.
Government is good at keeping people poor, draining their very limited resources, breaking apart families, and preventing people from developing the initiative and responsibility that leads to success.
Ending wasteful and idiotic government programs helps everyone, of all income levels.
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra

Vice Chair, Libertarian Party

Author, Why Hillary Lost

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Libertarian growing pains 

Reposted from Facebook 
Recently, I have seen a kind of pretend, lopsided libertarianism emerging. This false “libertarianism” attempts to present freedom without responsibility. Unlike true libertarianism, this false pretender is basically a combination of welfarism, hedonism, and irresponsibility.
I do not support that kind of lopsided libertarianism. I do not support a “libertarianism” that says “We can get rid of drug laws, but not welfare.” I do not support the “libertarianism” that says, “People should be free to make their own decisions, but when those decisions go predictably wrong, taxpayers must suffer.”
I do not support the kind of “libertarianism” that realizes that people have the right to do whatever they want medically to their own bodies, but then insists that taxpayers must pay for it. I do not support the “libertarianism” that sees the importance of open borders, but refuses to easily strip away welfare.
I do not support the lopsided “libertarianism” that realizes that parents have the right to pick schools for their kids – but then insists that others provide the funding.
I do not support the false “libertarianism” that recognizes the right to have children, but not the responsibility to financially support them.
Libertarianism is not welfarism plus hedonism. It is not welfarism plus irresponsibility. It is not welfarism at all.
Libertarianism is freedom and responsibility. It is the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of excellence.
Libertarianism is the right to start a business without government oversight, and get the rewards of success – but also to pay the losses.
Libertarianism is the right to use any drugs you want – but also to accept the economic consequences of lower employability. It is the right to choose your child’s education, and the responsibility to pay for it.
The coming years can become increasingly Libertarian, if we embrace complete Libertarianism. People won’t tolerate the lopsided “libertarianism” that increases freedom of enjoyment while expanding the welfare state. They won’t support the kind of pretend “libertarianism” that just combines welfarism with consequence-free irresponsibility. 
At least, I won’t.
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra

Vice Chair

Libertarian Party

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The #Libertarian Party of Seminole County’s release concerning the Police Appreciation Rally

The Libertarian Party of Seminole County supports responsible Law enforcement as a protection of private property, response to violence or an enforcement of civil contracts.
We denounce all uses of coercive violence against citizens and initial or retributive violence against police officers.
We recognize the inherent hazards involved in law-enforcement and appreciate the officers discretionary restraint over force, presumption of innocence over suspicion of guilt, and a dedication to public service over authority.
We hope that the families of fallen officers find the peace of mind and spirit they deserve as the Libertarian party of Seminole County work towards a non-aggressive and nonviolent liberty minded society and a mutual respect between citizens and police.

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Dear Hypocrites or Democrats. Whatever. 

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Dear Democrats,

During the last months, I haven’t learned anything particularly new about what kind of a man Donald J. Trump is. But I have learned a lot about what kind of people you are. 
First, you lose without any grace or class. When you don’t get your way, you literally, actually start crying. As adults. When you’re not crying, you’re frequently engaging in or condoning violence against others who disagree with you.
Second, you take hypocrisy to a truly staggering level. You protested Trump’s stopping immigration from Muslim countries with far more energy and passion than you protested Obama’s bombing those same countries! In fact, you protested Obama’s wars not at all.

Third, you have no sense what issues are more important than others. The signs and hats at the women’s march made it very clear that you oppose private ribaldry…and that you consider it worse than military overreach, warantless wiretapping, the war on drugs, or any of the other incursions on natural rights during the last administrations. And before you say “privacy is not a natural right,” please read the rationale behind the Roe v. Wade decision.
I’ve spoken out strongly and publicly against many of Trumps policies. But I consider your behaviors far more embarrassing to America than Trump’s.
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra


Why Hillary Lost

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Real Fascism #UCBerkelyRiots

Reposted from constitution cutie via Tumblr:

These are pictures of recent riot at UC Berkleley, in which the left was “protesting” Milo Yinnopoulos’ speech. Leftists/sjws/democrats whatever you want to call them fear free speech so badly that they’d rather set fires, damage property, and even beat Trump/Milo supporters unconscious than allow Mr. Yinnopoulos to share his views with others. Silencing political dissidents using violence is actual fascism (and terrorism). This is disgusting. 

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