Government keeps people poor. 

20 Feb

Myth: the poor don’t pay taxes.Fact: the poor pay plenty of taxes. 
Some is sales tax. Some is property tax (part of your rent goes to cover property taxes). A huge amount comes from higher prices.
In fact, some government programs (e.g. farm subsidies, tariffs) are designed specifically to increase prices. At the same time, high income and corporate taxes mean that firms need to charge more to make profit.
The result: food that should cost 20 cents costs $20. Labor goes into bare survival, rather than into improvement. Government keeps the poor from becoming better off.
And don’t fall for the “well, the money goes to the poor” argument. Some does. More goes to military overreach, pork barrel projects, and research and arts grants for the elite.
Government is good at keeping people poor, draining their very limited resources, breaking apart families, and preventing people from developing the initiative and responsibility that leads to success.
Ending wasteful and idiotic government programs helps everyone, of all income levels.
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra

Vice Chair, Libertarian Party

Author, Why Hillary Lost

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