And the Teacher Bullshit Continues….

02 May

I got a decent, yet typical response to my previous post. It appeared on Facebook thusly: 

People who work over time get paid extra and those on salary usually earn a salary that is fair considered the hours they work. Teachers work way more than 6.5 hours per day. Yes, they chose that profession because they are passionate about changing lives. Wanting decent pay to support their families is not victimization. When was the last time most parents chaperoned a field trip, volunteered in a classroom, or volunteered for lunch duty? Most working parents send their kids to school and then after care and by the time they get home they spend a few hours with their kid. Some send their kids to school sick, unkempt, without lunch money, or snack. Many teachers pay for snacks and treats for their students…out of their own pocket without any expectation of reimbursement…because they love their students…your children. Next time you want to say that we “choose” this profession…why don’t you say “thank you for choosing this profession. It’s because of a teacher that I know that my child is well cared for when I have to work, that I can go to work and not worry about my child’s well-being”. Since most parents aren’t “qualified” to educate their own children as stated in a previous post…parents would be screwed if all the teachers went on strike tomorrow. Parents need to work together with teachers and schools for the benefit of their child. Only then can you really see the true measure of a child.

I replied: 

If the salary is unfair, quit. If you have a skill set that applies to more than one occupation, go do it and get your fair pay. If your passion is in education, go start your own school. These things are possible. I’ve done it. I’ve cofounded a school on a shoe string budget making far less than poor public school teachers. And we can’t afford benefits. We don’t get students based on zip codes or quasi-traditional modes. We attract them by our successful track record and word of mouth. 
I do it because it’s my passion, but the big difference is, I don’t expect other people to pay for it, just my customers. And before you start on the wealth bigotry, they’re some of the poorest people you know on private scholarship and non-public assistance….and I don’t cry foul when my life’s plans don’t pan out. The public model is neither agile nor flexible. It produces boxed standardized knowledge. It leaves dozens behind. It wastes more Money than most small co ops take in. 
As far as this changing the world nonsense, if that’s the egotistical and entitled attitude I’m going to take every time I walk in the door, no wonder I’m gonna find pitfalls everywhere I go. The sanctity of education leaves no room for the daily pitfalls and the true failings – which are essential for success – of human life. It’s that sanctity of education that put unfair expectations on teachers and tells them that they deserve to be paid a kings ransom. Do you want a competitive wage? Enter the competitive market. The public model is not competitive- it’s coercive. Just look at the shaming that we put on homeschoolers and people who want to opt out of standardized testing, and God forbid you talk down to a school, or a cop, or a fireman, or soldier, you’re practically run out of town – thankfully only buy tough guys on Facebook. 

Try running a private school which has to compete with the perception of, “free public school.” It’ll cure your entitlement real quick. What we can do with a fraction of the money the Dept of ed wipes their feet on is breathtaking. There’s where your increased salaries lie. The increasing administrative and maintenance costs. Not to mention the worthless text book and testing rackets. Mafiosos are jealous of that one. 
Parents wouldn’t be “screwed” if teachers all went on strike. I would relish the day. Private entities would

Fling open their doors and lower prices…supply and demand..which public school doesn’t have to consider…

They’d have to wake up and find new ways of teaching and learning. They’d take an active part. As much as we love their kids (and honestly, we don’t love them all..we don’t always even like them all) the gaping hole in the market would force small private schools to lower prices, accept more students, innovate …all the things government education has failed to do since selling your kids down the river to the Common Core plantation. 
And schools would have to realize that they are no

More entitled To the children as they are to their parents’ money. 
News flash: homeschool co ops are all over the place. And doing amazing. 
Yes. It is a entitlement and victim attitude.
The arrogance of down talking parents…leaves me speechless. Who are any of us to tell a parent what they are qualified to do with their own children? I can’t even….


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