Crony Science. By Denise Rudy, guest blogger. 

02 May

My political post of the day: When crony corporations employ scientists and fund studies that push legislation, it winds up being bad for everyone. It’s not a left vs right thing. It’s a wrong vs right thing.
I think some people forget that the world is made up of a million shades of grey instead of good vs evil. Left vs right and good vs evil are really just absolutes that don’t exist. I’m a Libertarian and I believe in free market capitalism, but I also know for a fact that not all companies are good. Many business models are crony and take advantage of for sale politicians and scientists. I hope that my friends from the left can see the same problems that exist within the scientific community. Not all scientists are good people and when the two sides that operate against the betterment of the people combine forces, it just divides us and furthers their power. 
Many of us backed green projects, and wanted to see alternative energies start to flood the market instead of multinational oil tycoons continuing the energy monopoly. Last week I started reading stories about the consideration of climate change subsidies being given to the Oil Industry. I don’t think anyone had that in mind, but that’s how it goes. Thanks crony climate change scientists! And thanks oil industry! 
And then there’s the whole debacle over vaccinations and whether or not they should be mandatory and federally funded. Big Pharma geting subsidies for vaccinations that they paid scientists to declare perfectly safe? Hmm, seems fishy. What was wrong with just trusting your doctor? 
Too many conflicts of interest IMO. I don’t really care about Bill Nye vs Mike Rowe. It’s not left, vs right. I do care about the problems that arise when studies are funded by crony corporations and scientists go on tv claiming these things are facts. They try to get tax money for their projects, push legislation to line their backer’s pockets, and further their reach within government. Using scientists to further corporate reach doesn’t benefit anyone and diminishes the trust of the public. 
I’d rather see ppl compete for flying car grants or self healing asphalt grants. You know, scientists doing what scientists do best: competing, pushing boundaries, and furthering knowledge. Show me something that is a problem and find a solution instead of creating ways to fund cronies and divide a nation. 
I wouldn’t put my faith in deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, or Mike Rowe anymore than I would a CEO. Most public figires are just televangelists looking for money and in the end it’s you and me and everyone else that winds up paying these huge corporate cronies to buy more legislation. If you don’t believe me look at how no one trusts multinational executives, politicians, or scientists. What effect does this have on the citizens when none of us can trust anyone to be telling the truth anymore? Division. Imo if the government didn’t have power for sale, it couldn’t be bought, end of story. 
Just my freedom thought for the day 🙂
By Denise Rudy, member: Libertarian Party the f Seminole County 

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