Honorably Dishonorable. 

12 May

RePosted without permission 

Last night, my car broke down and I had to call a tow truck. During our conversation, the driver mentioned that he used to work for a car repair shop. I asked him why he switched to driving the tow truck.
He told me that at the repair shop, the management had been pressuring the mechanics to sell expensive, unneeded parts to people who didn’t seem to know much about cars. They particularly targeted women.
He didn’t think that policy was right. So he left. He refused to follow that command. That is the honor and integrity that this particular tow truck driver had.
That driver hadn’t been flooded by a culture that prides itself on honor. The repair shop he left wasn’t fixated on being honorable. As an individual, he recognized what honor was, and what it was not.
Many veterans have argued that the mission of the military has been corrupted by the civilian bosses of the military. I absolutely, 100% agree. We need to stop those mission corrupters by voting them out. I have made it quite clear that I will only vote for candidates who will pledge to shut down foreign military bases, bring the troops home to rejoin their families, and in that process make us safer by no longer creating enemies abroad. I have personally pledged to do that in my own campaigns.
But in recognizing that the mission has been corrupted, many of us will be faced with choices. Those in active duty will have to make the decision to follow their own honor, or to let their commanders tell them what honorable and dishonorable are. I have met many veterans who chose to be “dishonorably” discharged, because that was the only honorable course of action.
The fact is, the government can print more money. But it cannot print more soldiers. True men and women of honor and strength are not that numerous. Those who pride themselves on honor and strength deserve something important from us.
They deserve the truth. If the mission has been corrupted, then they must know that. It is our responsibility to spread that word as far as we can. Military recruiters and advertisers will deny that the mission has been corrupted. Or they will argue that it doesn’t matter, that an honorable soldier doesn’t worry about the honorableness of his actions, that a soldier’s only job is obedience. 
Our immediate duty as leaders, both veteran and non-veteran, is to spread this truth: the mission has been corrupted. The mission is no longer an honorable one. What the U.S. military is doing is wrong. 
All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. All that is necessary for military recruiters and defense contractors to triumph is for us to say nothing. If we fear that saying that the mission has been corrupted breaks some sacred rule that the military must be worshiped no matter what it does, and we let that fear make us silent, then the mission will continue to be corrupted.
There are those that argue that the military is not just like working at a repair shop (even if you work in vehicle repair in the military). They will argue that it is a calling that comes from a desire for honor and respect. 
From young men and women I see going into the military, I see that desire for honor. Is it right for us to say nothing, as they search for honor in a corrupted mission? Is it right to say nothing, or encourage them to seek honor in missions ordered for dishonorable purposes?
If you have seen that the mission has been corrupted, if you believe that what the U.S. military is doing right now is both morally wrong and is making us less safe, then say something to those who respect you. It doesn’t have to be public, or on social media, or on TV – sometimes what you say to your kids, or students, or siblings matters even more. 
But don’t wait. Every day, we are bombarded by advertising that encourages people to enlist – through direct advertising, Hollywood brainwashing, and a culture that insists on public and exaggerated worship of those in the military. Don’t wait until they are speaking to a recruiter. Say something today.
-Arvin Vohra

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