Squandered heroism part two. 

12 May

Reprinted without permission from Facebook
It seems that many members of the military have taken offense to the phrase “accessory to murder” used to describe non-combat support staff of combat soldiers, and the phrase “murder” to describe military combat used in completely counterproductive wars that create enemies. If the issue here is word choice, then I’m sure we can find a replacement. Replace murder with “tricked into killing” or “counterproductive killing” or “violence in the service of counterproductive military policy.” Replace accessory with “support staff to violence that makes America less safe by creating predictable blowback.” Replace enlist with “agree to follow orders from people who have been giving immoral orders for the last 40 years.” Replace service with “squandering the desire for honor on the military industrial complex.” If the issue is word choice, then there are plenty of other phrases. I’d be happy to immediately apologize for the word choice – if those who claim to care only about the word choice will join on the new word choice.
That leaves this question: do those of you who take issue with the word choice believe military policy is good or bad? Do you think that the core combat missions have been corrupted, by politicians and the military industrial compex? Or do you believe that the current actions in the Middle East, the hundreds of overseas bases, the word policing are good?
If you believe that those military actions are good, then I simply disagree. Ending military overreach, shutting down foreign military bases, and using the military for defense only will make us safer, save us blood and treasure, and stop psychologically damaging people by forcing them to take part in counterproductive violence and killing. 
If you believe that those military actions are bad, that the mission has been corrupted, then will you say so to the young men and women considering enlisting? Will you remind people who got tricked by the manipulation of military recruiters that they have the Entry Level Separation option, and can still leave within the first few months of joining? When you see Hollywood movies jammed with military propaganda, will you say something to those who look up to you and trust you? 
If you believe that current military actions are wrong, that the military industrial complex and politicians have corrupted the mission, then will you help starve the beast? Will you help encourage people not to enlist?
If some of the last day’s responses were just about word choice, let me know and I’ll change it. If it’s just that you support military overreach, then I hope you will reconsider your position.
Arvin Vohra

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