An Open Resolution

31 May

Whereas The U.S. spends more on military than the next 8 nations combined
Whereas, involvement in NATO has caused the U.S. to build a military much larger than what is needed for defense
Whereas, current military policy has destabilized regions and lead to blowback and contributed to terrorist recruitment
Whereas, trade has been able to stop problematic ideologies when violence could not, as has happened in Vietnam
Whereas current military policy has misused many well meaning individuals for purposes other than defense against aggression often as parts of attempts to act as the world’s policeman
Resolved, The Libertarian National Committee rejects and repudiates the current U.S. military policy of overreach, world policing, and nation building; demands that the U.S. military immediately shut down all foreign military bases, cease involvement in foreign conflicts, end all current foreign military operations, and bring the troops home; demands that military spending and employment, if any, be reduced to the level necessary only for defense; demands immediate U.S. withdrawal from NATO; and demands an end to all trade sanctions.
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra

Vice Chair

Libertarian Party

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