An open letter to #AntiFa and the #AltRight 

14 Jun

An Open Letter to the Members of the Alt-Right and Antifa,
I bet we want many of the same things. The dismantling and shattering of the current establishment. A world in which current bureaucrats and parasites have to actually work. A world in which Wall Street could never even dream of a bailout. A world in which the state no longer forces propaganda masquerading as education onto us. A country that no longer squanders resources and lives on military nonsense.
I have an offer and a warning. The offer: join an organization working to dismantle the state and the establishment, including crony “capitalists” who manipulate laws to their advantage. The warning: renegade groups are often manipulated into supporting the establishment.
It’s happened before. Many renegades in the Occupy protests were gradually maneuvered into supporting Hillary Clinton, the most pro-establishment person in history. Many renegades in the Tea Party were maneuvered into supporting Mitt Romney, the other most pro-establishment person in history.
Even Obama and Trump, who initially appeared to be anti-establishment, revealed themselves to be deep state puppets, supporting the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, the drug war, NSA surveillance, and the “Patriot Act.”
The Libertarian Party is different. We’re working to defund, dismantle, and delegitimize both the state and the establishment that manipulates it. We want current crony capitalists, bureaucrats, and politicians to lose all power and influence, to lose all unfair advantages, and have to actually engage in useful work in order to survive. 
Antifa and Ancoms: I bet you’d like to smash Wall Street just as much as I do. I have a some far more vicious ways to do that than violence. Here’s one: replace the mortgage interest tax deduction with an equivalent tax deduction on principle. This will make it financially insane to hold stocks while having a mortgage, and will pull hundreds of billions out of Wall Street. Those on Wall Street who produce literally nothing will have to find real work. 
Alt-right: those of you who are there for white nationalism will not find much of a home in the LP. But those of you who want to defund safe space culture, turn higher education into empowerment rather than sycophantism, shut down military overreach, and massively cut taxes will. 
Take a look at our actual platform, at See if it matches what you want. Ask us questions about what doesn’t make sense. 
It may turn out that the Libertarian Party is not what you’re looking for. But it may be exactly the anti-establishment, anti-state organization you’ve been searching for. 
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra

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