Col.  Sanders….

19 Sep

Political experts have pointed out that Trump’s campaign intentionally emboldened extreme right wing people who had previously been ostracized. They’ve failed to notice that Bernie’s campaign did exactly the same with the extreme left wing that had been just as rejected.
For most of recent political history, communists and socialists have been as politically hated as white supremacists. Today, they are welcomed as part of the Democratic Party, just as white supremacists have been welcomed into the Republican Party. Their ideas are just as hated, backwards, immoral, and violent.
While the right and left embrace these insane ideologies, let’s remain true to our own ideologies. Let the D’s and R’s pander to these groups; we’re better off without them.
I firmly and completely reject all racial nationalism, socialism, and communism. On Libertarian grounds, I reject them when they involve the state. On strategic grounds, I reject them as ideas so foolish that they can only survive with the help of the state. On personal grounds, I reject them in all of their forms. Individualism, not collectivism, is the core of Libertarianism just as surely as non-initiation of force is.
Arvin Vohra (L)

Nominee for U.S. Senate

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