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Hey there. Thanks for stopping by.My name is Shaun. I like the Term Conservative Hippyism because it evokes a shit ton of assumptions. Wanna get me off on a tangent? Tell me your entitled to direct my life...I talk about everything from movies to comics (which are the same thing these days) politics, and education. I would like to dispel the misconceptions of what conservativism and hippyism are.

Only cops can have guns bs, boy!

Section 7 of SB 7026 creates a new Florida statue subsection 13:

“13) A person younger than 21 years of age may not purchase a firearm. The sale or transfer of a firearm to a person younger than 21 years of age may not be made or facilitated by a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer. A person who violates this subsection commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. ⭐️The prohibitions of this subsection do not apply to the purchase of a rifle or shotgun by a law enforcement officer or a correctional officer⭐️, 👮 as those terms are defined in

s. 943.10, or to a person on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States or full-time duty in the National Guard.”

There it is, I don’t care if you were a second amendment fan or not- this has to scare you.

RepugniCONs you have been tricked.

DECEPTIcrats- you have been tricked

Call your state senator and urge them to vote 🗳 NO on SB 7026!

Full text

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Section 3 of SB 7026 creates Florida Statute 16.63:


“Shootings.—The Medical Reimbursement Program for Victims of Mass Shootings is established in the Department of Legal Affairs to reimburse trauma centers verified or designated pursuant to s.

395.4025 for the medical costs of treating victims for injuries associated with a mass shooting. As used in this section, the

term “mass shooting” means an incident in which four or more people are killed or injured by firearms in one or more

locations in close proximity. The Department of Legal Affairs must reimburse such trauma centers based on a department-

approved fee schedule for the documented medical costs of treating victims for injuries associated with a mass shooting. A

trauma center that requests a reimbursement through the program must accept the reimbursement as payment in full and may not bill the victim of a mass shooting or his family.”

Not the perpetrators-the tax payers-will be on the hook. Watch how many “mass shooting” exceptions are made now the the bills will be paid by a government office. And watch trauma centers get underpaid as the “must” accept payment.


Call your state senator-vote No!

Entire text:

SB 7026

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No Due Process Trumps Justice

Re-printed without permission from Facebook:

Thanks to some of my fellow activists who are putting boots on the ground in Tallahassee and trying to stop this monstrosity of a gun control bill (SB 7026) they are trying to pass in Florida, here are a couple things about the bill as it stands right now, that I did not previously know:

1. If this bill passes as it reads now, police officers that are called to your house for any reason (keep in mind any person can call the police and claim anything they want about you) can call a judge and get permission to come into your house and seize your weapons without a hearing.

2. The police officer has the right to make the judgment call on whether or not you are a danger to yourself or others in regards to seizing your weapons.

3. If you are a ROOMMATE of someone who is deemed a danger of any sort, they can also take your weapons too since you live in the same house.

There is no due process. President Trump may be okay with no due process, but I’M NOT. And neither is anyone else I know who actually gives a shit about the Constitution and the natural rights of citizens protected by the Constitution.

Do you trust police officers to use appropriate discretion? How many police officers have you heard about in the last few years who have behaved completely inappropriately, resulting in loss of life and tragedy? Do you trust them to not use this law against minorities or people they don’t like, given the accusations of racism and discrimination against many officers?

I, for one, am NOT comfortable with the idea that someone who doesn’t like me can make a fraudulent call that may ultimately result in a cop busting in my door and using force to disarm me and anyone who lives with me. It is wrong, and politicians who want to control us are foaming at the mouth to pass it.

Even laws in place now that allow government to detain you (Baker Act, etc) have more checks and balances in place to make sure innocent’s rights are not violated. This is on top of the ridiculousness of not allowing ADULTS aged 18-20 own firearms.

The same adults that are considered mature and able-bodied enough to join the military and fight wars, can enter into contracts, take on crippling debt, etc. If you don’t want to end up like the disarmed populace of every single enslaved society in the human history, please help us oppose this and any other legislation raping the Second Amendment. I personally encourage ALL leaders in the LPF to put out a statement condemning bill SB 7026.

-Brandi Hicks, LPF Secretary


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Public School is Adorable.

Public School is Adorable.

Here is the email I just received:

Good Afternoon,

I’m writing with some bad news today, unfortunately. In the last month, the overall turn-in rate for homework has dropped to around 20%, meaning that most students have stopped turning in their homework assignments (reading logs).

If you have noticed that your child’s grade has dropped significantly, it is likely because they are NOT turning in their reading logs.

As a reminder, students are expected to read for a MINIMUM of THIRTY (30) MINUTES every night, Monday through Friday. This is only the minimum; students are welcome to read more. Students should be filling out their reading logs and having a parent or guardian sign them every night of the week.

I check homework every Monday and I do not accept late homework assignments unless the student is absent on Monday when I check for it.

This is the same homework assignment students have had since the second week of school, back in August.

Please keep in mind that students are welcome to check a book out of the school media center OR out of my classroom, if they do not have access to reading material at home. Additionally, if students lose or cannot find their blue reading log papers at any time, extra logs can be found in my classroom, in the student supply center. Students may also have you fill out the log on a separate piece of paper, if absolutely necessary. Therefore, there is NO excuse for not completing and turning in the assignment.

I hope we can work together to ensure students are doing their nightly reading and turning in their reading logs every Monday, in order to improve their grades and performance in my class.

Please feel free to write back or call my classroom (407-xxx-xxxx) if you have any further questions or concerns.


Xxxxx Xxxxxx, MAT

Language Arts Teacher

District: Seminole School District

District Web Site:

State: FL

District Code: 59

Student Production

Here was the most restrained reply I could manage:

If you’re homework participation dropped to 20% maybe you need to take a cue like the free market does. When customers stop returning or stop paying or stop participating to that level, it means the product is no good. Homework is baseless and useless and more and more studies are showing that. You can always tell when something is useless, when people stop doing it regardless of the mandate or consequences.

I know your hands are tied, you’re probably even wearing golden handcuffs and your retirement would be at risk if you stopped mandating homework. My advice is to be courageous and do so anyway.

I can give you all the facts regarding it, I just don’t think it would matter. Somewhere along the line you did not become a teachers so that you had to write emails to parents like this. Somewhere along the line you did not become a teacher to write sentences like we expect 30 minutes – a time requirement not a value requirement – of homework every night.

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Spencer Silenced. 

Spencer Silenced. 

Reposted without permission 
Tonight, as the rain falls, I am crying. It was not a good day in Gainesville. My reasons for weeping, however, may not line up with the anguish which I’m sure you are seeing in your newsfeed. 
I’m not upset that hate exists. I’m not surprised that people hold the beliefs they do. It doesn’t bother me what they think. It’s when they put those beliefs into actions that I begin to take note, and spring up as either for or against. Riding the wagon or viciously self-defending my own point of view.
Those who know me know that I am bound to defend liberty at all costs, be it friends, family members, employment, entertainment venues, tailgating spots that may call to be sacrificed. I’m not sure what instilled in me this passion, this zeal for my fellow man to be free. I don’t even know why I have it. Some say I’m destined for greatness. Some say I just like to piss people off. 
I’m sure all of you know who spoke at the University of Florida campus today. I’m sure many of you are long sick of dealing with it. Well, get sick after you read this post. Humor me this once. 
Today, I realized the majority of Americans are fighting against the very thing they claim to stand for. This I had somehow known for a while now, yet today it hit home. Literally.
Governor Scott declared a State of Emergency for the area — which was heralded by most of my friends. This just boggles my mind so much that I will not remain on this for very long, but I must put forth the question of what constitutes imminent danger, and danger to what and from whom? Ideas? Lifestyle? One person? SPEECH? Call out the National Guard because in the 21st century we are now incapable of debating without violence? Well there’s the potential. Well there’s always the potential! That’s what used to make us great, was the way we conducted ourselves in times of crisis, and under threat of danger, devil may care from whom. Arm up. Don’t back down. Be sure you’re right, then go full speed ahead. Gone by the wayside now. We can’t even sneeze without calling the government to come wipe our nose.
UF President Kent Fuchs, at first denied the venue. This was hoorayed. A clear violation, with precedent, he knew it, and it opened the school up to a lawsuit which would have left taxpayers liable to settle the damages. As we know, he was ultimately compelled to oblige. After dissing the first amendment, and blaming the Constitution, he went kicking and screaming into a corner — where proceeded to rob taxpayers of $600,000.00 so he could fit his narrative. 
Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Gainesville Police Department, and UFPD came together, days before today, to issue a restricted area policy — pretty much what a free speech area is. Or is not. What it is, is marking off a specific area where you are free to exercise your rights. What it is not, is everything outside that tape and beyond that should be yours, too. It has been bought with a price, and we snivel it away like cowards. 
In this restricted area (encompassing all of campus and the surrounding public area), you basically have no Bill of Rights. Don’t say anything that goes against the grain, or you’ll be peppersprayed while the police watch and do nothing. Don’t you dare carry a gun, a knife, a pencil, a PLASTIC KNIFE, pretty much anything that could be used to defend yourself. It’s a long list. Oh, and agents of the Crown, err… officers, can subject you to a non-consensual search at any point. Don’t say no, because you’ll be taken to jail for resisting arrest. 
All this was heralded, as well. The rules are clearly posted, why wouldn’t you obey? The law is the law, dipshit. To hell with the Constitution, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Of course we support the 2nd Amendment but we also back the blue. And you must, too. Sigh. 
Mr. Spencer was to address his audience for two hours, beginning at 2:30pm. The arena did not convene. A mob yelled out insanity for about 90 minutes. These students, enrolled at one of the premier top-tier institutes for higher learning, chose not to combat the speaker’s views with intelligent conversation. Chose not to win against ideas with better ideas. Chose not, to act like adults and be mindful of the graveness of the situation. No, instead they behaved like animals. Animals would have probably been more orderly. These were brainwashed puppets. Tought to say exactly what they were supposed to say, and missed a golden opportunity to show the world that we can do it better than Berkeley. 
My peers are praising the madness. Disruption and chaos are being labeled noble endeavors. Battery against someone who doesn’t think the same way as you is now lauded and congratulated. Discrimination is now cheered — and by the very people who champion anti-discrimination laws. 
Americans no longer want freedom. They want the norm. They don’t want to be free. They want to be taken care of. The status quo is king, along with Hollywood, late-night television, and the fashion industry. They don’t want to buck the system. They are the system. And if you go against the system, you become an enemy to the very people you are standing up for. 
I’m almost out of space on my phone and I’m getting tired. I’ve been working through back pain and sickness this week, and it’s not slowing down. I have an affiliate to participate in, a Lodge to satisfy, a committee to support, multiple campaigns to assist with, and next year — my own campaign to run. I am, and will be, forever busy. And now, for really the first time, I am wondering if it’s all worth it.
I will always defend liberty. I just don’t know if there is anything left to defend.
-Chris Rose 

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Reprinted without permission…

Attempting to disarm the American people, in addition to being a bad idea, is pretty much a fools errand. That gives anti-gun people some psychological comfort, since they can always say, “Well we haven’t taken away enough guns.” Even if they passed all the laws they wanted, they will never get them all. A full scale war on guns would be about as likely to work as the war on drugs. Thus, the “if we get all the guns, murder will end” is hard to disprove, since “if we get all the guns” will never happen.
The government can, however, ban all guns from police officers. That’s very likely to work, since the police officers are issued guns by the government, specifically allowed to carry guns by the government, etc.
Police would still be allowed to use non-lethal weapons, including tasers. However, they would not be allowed to carry anything that could kill. In 2016, that would have saved over 900 human lives, and quite a few dog lives (it has become standard practice to shoot the family dog during a SWAT team raid.)
In addition to saving lives, such a change would lead to a better example for civilians. If those who many people (inexplicably) look up to simply stopped using lethal force, it would stop the constant psychological justification of lethal force. Every cop carrying a gun is sending a message that “It’s okay to go after marijuana users and traffic law violaters with lethal force.” Imagine changing that image to, “Lethal force is never right.”
We can’t ban guns, but we can ban guns from cops. If elected, I will sponsor legislation to disarm most or all federal law enforcement.
Arvin Vohra (L)

Libertarian Party Nominee For U.S. Senate
Arvin Vohra For U.S. Senate

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If the laws changed, would you own a slave? I bet almost everyone would say “no.” Would you be okay with a friend or family member owning slaves? Probably not.
We’ve realized that slavery is evil, so we don’t do it or countenance it. We wouldn’t, even if it were legal. 
We need to similarly recognize that most or all theft funded government programs are also wrong. Being part of an endless, pointless military non-strategy, being part of theft funded garbage education, being part of government bureaucracies that block access to life saving medicine – those are wrong. They aren’t just different, any more than slaveowning is just “different”.
If today, slavery was legalized and a Fugitive Slave Catching Department were established, that department would collapse because no one would join it. The moral and social pressure against it would be too high. 
What if we can do it the same with current government programs? While we work on defunding them politically, what if we could discredit them socially and morally? 
Before you say, “That would never happen”: it already is happening. As people realize what the police and military actually does, recruitment is falling. Cities are unable to recruit “enough” police for their War on Drugs idiocy, and the military can’t get “enough” good recruits who will play along with their nonsense. Even though the military bribes NFL teams to add soldier worship to their events, more and more young men and women just aren’t falling for it.
By socially and morally discrediting many damaging theft funded services, we can help these government programs go the way of other government programs like the fugitive slave act and Jim Crow laws.
Arvin Vohra (L)

Libertarian Party Nominee for U.S. Senate

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