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My favorite things about the Trump presidency. 

My favorite things about the Trump presidency. 

New favorite things about the Donald Trump presidency: 1. I still think #ThisIsGoingToBeHilarious

2. The return of the antiwar left. 

3. The sudden realization that government only has powers enumerated, delegated, and limited by the constitution. 

4. The continued creative relabeling of collectivist policies – this time somehow called “conservatism.”

5. Unfortunately sensitive nature of calling out the hypocrisy of those two applauded expansion of powers for the last 16 to 24 years and are suddenly against it. Myself included to an extent, only I found it was easier to simply accept it instead of fight the notion.

6. The conversations around attempting to reclaim the word conservative, from conservatives and the word liberal, from liberals.

7. The reactions of the “liberals” when you applaud them for being so constitutionally conservative lately, and the reactions of conservatives who suddenly find themselves being more classically liberal and they thought.

8. Trump’s Twitter. 

9. The newfound conscience of the Hollywood left and the paradoxical fake gravity we continue to give their make-believe for a living opinions on our reality.

10. The cries of “criticism” and “hate” from anybody who has just decided to or Dane themselves in the waters of political discourse.
What did I miss?

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A Fearless Platform 

By Arvin Vohra via Facebook 

Libertarians: It’s time for a fearless platform.
If 2016 showed us one thing, it’s that timid positions are neither necessary nor effective in current politics.
Our current platform is designed to technically be accurate, while not scaring anyone too badly. This is a losing proposition. A clear, inspiring, and immediately comprehensible platform is far better than the fine-print pretending to be marketing we have now.
Take the education plank, for example:
Education is best provided by the free market, achieving greater quality, accountability and efficiency with more diversity of choice. Recognizing that the education of children is a parental responsibility, we would restore authority to parents to determine the education of their children, without interference from government. Parents should have control of and responsibility for all funds expended for their children’s education.
What it means: Eliminate all public schools. Let people choose between free, world-class, online offerings, homeschooling, and private education in any form. 
Intransigent supporters of public schools won’t be fooled by the current obfuscation. Opponents and potential opponents won’t be inspired. 
Our job is to convince people of our positions, not to mask our positions and pander. In order for people to be able to be convinced of our positions, they first must understand exactly what the position is. They must understand that we oppose all forms of welfare, all public schools, the entirety of the drug war, all warrantless surveillance, all laws against adult prostitution, the FDA, Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, etc. It would take a week to figure that out from our current platform. It should take 5 minutes. 
I intend to support only candidates for platform committee who will commit to an honest, comprehensible, fearless platform.
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra

Vice Chair

Libertarian Party

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Free market lesson 1

“Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Think things, not words.” In words, many see a need for “social justice” to override “the dictates of the market.” In reality, what is called “the market” consists of human beings making their own choices at their own cost. What is called “social justice” is government imposition of the notions of third parties, who pay no price for being wrong.”

Thomas Sowell (1930-) American economist

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Noble Stockholm Syndrome 

“Proud To Pay My Taxes”I still notice some people saying, “I’m proud to pay my taxes!” And it’s still pathetic, for several reasons.

1) Being “proud” that you did something you were FORCED to do is absurd. If you voluntarily contribute to the well-being of your fellow man, great. But it’s not charitable–you get no credit for compassion or generosity–if you had no choice in the matter. Taking “pride” in being robbed is looney.

2) Unless you completely approve of everything “government” does, then being “proud to pay your taxes” means being proud to pay for things that YOU oppose, and think are a bad idea. How much of a schizo do you have to be to express pride in funding things you don’t even want or like?

3) Even regarding the “government” services you want (ignoring how inefficient and wasteful “government” always is), why feel “proud” to pay for a service? Is it especially noble and selfless to BUY STUFF?

4) If you think giving money to politicians constitutes “contributing to society,” you’re delusional. Getting robbed by a carjacker, or just flushing your money down the toilet, does far less harm to society than “paying taxes.”

If you are “proud to pay taxes,” look up “Stockholm Syndrome.” You only feel “pride” because you were TRAINED to feel loyalty to your political masters, and to feel good about blindly obeying their “laws” and paying the tribute they call “taxes.” That doesn’t make you a good person. It makes you a good slave.“
— Larken Rose

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I’m still not two-party. Thankfully. 

I’m still not two-party. Thankfully. 

What Would the Dude Do?

When referencing the right-so called conservatives-who are really just sheep in wolves clothing anyway, using big govt to impose lifestyles and restrictions- the left likes to use the term “Teabagger.” And the dummies actually coined the term! That’s all that was needed for justification, minimizing rationalization and denial. 
Teabagger is an offensive sexual reference. And it’s known and intended. Leftists operate with impunity and use this language so cavalierly. Then they have audacity to claim the mantle of morality. Could you imagine the cry-bullying if this was directed toward the sensitivities of leftists? “hate! hate! Witchcraft! Safe-space!”
I wonder if the youngest constituents of either pretend opponents even understand the historical reference. How about the modern resurgence of tea-party? Can you recall the impetus? Rachel Maddow made fun of the sexual reference first, she’s untouchable. 
The TeaParty has left the fiscally appropriate origins of its name and has been bandwagoning every bullshit capital “R” republican (RepubliCON) cause. 
Don’t get me started with the Fisher Price- My First Political Simplicity toy showroom that is Occupy Democrats

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A More Honest Terror 

A More Honest Terror 

In the fallout of crisis, good people will not only lose their rights, they’ve been trained to line up and give them away. What’s the greater evil? Acts of cruel men whose hearts and minds will not be turned, or the turning of hearts and minds of good people trusting an authority? I have to say at least one of those is more honest than the other.  
There’s an ultimate lie here isn’t there? That crises in any form can be averted. They don’t have to take such extreme shapes, but then we just find something smaller to call a crisis and wonder why we couldn’t avoid it . Danger has never been, and never will be eliminated. Neither will evil. 
The illusion, or more accurately, the delusion of a perfect world doesn’t exist- you’re being lied to when you’re told there’s a solution to any of it. I think history has shown us what happens when we try to find solutions to life and its people.
Do not except their abuse, do not open doors without warrants, do not cosign, underwrite, endorse – either actively or through passive resignation, abuses of power conducted by so-called evil men, or worse by the people we call good men who miss use rule of law to accomplish the same ends, control over your lives and destinies. 

For instance 

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I wish more companies were like this. Remember, Jim Crow was a government solution.

I wish more companies were like this. Remember, Jim Crow was a government solution.

Instead of secretly disliking other people, I say you post that as an advertisement right on your business shingle.
So I think this is the right way to do it. If you discriminate, say so right out in the open. No sense in hiding it. And the rest of us know whether we want to spend her money there or not. Right?
There’s a free-market non-government solution to discrimination, it’s called you don’t get any money. And you effectively put out giant signs that keep people away. I know of far right wing so-called Christians who agree with that Man and wouldn’t spend a dime in  somebody’s store who was so hateful.

Let’s be honest, there’s bound to be something about all of us that somebody really doesn’t like, but they’re willing to put my dollar in the register so we at least can come up with a short-term contract for goods.

If this man wants to put himself out of business who are we to get in the way? 



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