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Speech for the planning and zoning committee of Lake Mary Florida regarding medical marijuana dispensaries.

Ladies and gentlemen of the zoning and planning committee thank you for your time. 

Lake Mary is a beautiful and prosperous city and we thank you for much of your past efforts.
While I reside in Winter Springs I do a lot of my shopping in Lake Mary because there are unique retail centers that I can find nowhere else. I also coach quite often at the YMCA.
About every 6 to 8 weeks my fellows and I volunteer to pick up trash along Lake Mary Boulevard. In doing so we see the numerous free market enterprises that exist. There are doctors offices and fast food restaurants, there are health clubs and automotive service centers. There are pharmacies. There are empty storefronts. 
We have a stake in it’s future.  
I asked that you either find a creative solution to medical marijuana dispensaries, or that you give the city commission the greenlight to treat them as other pharmacies. 

The pill mills similarities are prejudicial and incongruous..there is no precedence of violence nor black market activities in dispensaries that led to the banning of the pill mills. 

The introductory language of “popping up” is prejudiced and irresponsible. 

The city attorneys words on delivery and whatever else anyone else is doing is prejudicial and irresponsible. The mention of federal funds and the mention of recreational use is irresponsible.

I ask you disregard your own arguments. 

While the statement that MMTC’s are not similar to other pharmacies is true, it’s an incomplete statement and ignores facts as well. 
MMTC’s operate much stricter. They do not sell Junk food or drugs over the counter, they do not sell alcohol or anything else where any minors or even shoplifters may have the chance to get them. It’s another faulty comparison and false dichotomy. I ask you disregard that argument as well. 

They are much more like dry cleaners, one service with specific products, only dry cleaners carry much more harmful chemicals and are not a newly constitutionally guaranteed right. 

The Planning and Zoning Division staff is responsible for all short and long range planning duties. It is staff’s goal to ensure that all development review occurs in an expeditious manner and that we assist all customers in achieving their timelines.

This is directly off of your website. I would ask that you stick to it. The reefer madness that tells us we need special consideration  neither matches the state legislatures guidelines for dealing with these dispensaries, nor the reality of how they operate.

The scare tactics are uninformed hyper vigilance at best, purposeful misinformation at worst and unfortunately more likely the case.

Either way reference the ballot returns for the precincts in the city. You’ll find they mirror the state as a whole. And when it comes down to it that is your ultimate authority.

Companies who wish to open a dispensary will have a fiduciary duty of doing their own market research to make sure that there are no other dispensaries with whom to compete in proximity, that there are a viable number of customers with both the prescription and the issued ID card within their marketable area, and of course the due diligence to make sure they operate a safe and lawful business that they know will be under a microscope. The zoning regulations almost take care of themselves. 

These businesses are going to be operated under such scrutiny and that no matter what safe landing plan you come up with, and let’s be honest the commissioners want a safe landing so that they don’t have to take responsibility for a yes or no vote they can just say it was a zoning issue, these operators are going to have to regulate themselves more than you could dream of doing. And that’s the organic free market as it should be. 

I’m asking you as a potential customer who’s watching city after city fall to the reefer madness putting alternative medicine farther and farther away from my doorstep, who currently pays higher insurance premiums and is having to jump through hoops to get a life insurance policy because of my ulcerative colitis, to return a recommendation to the city Council that fits within your self described mission,

Let’s be honest, this issue is as much about the right to our own lives and what we put in our bodies, the liberties we have a civilized society where a planning and zoning commission is often necessary, what we can and cannot buy as our own property with our own money ,as it is about whether or not our elected officials are listening when we speak and are accountable to the votes cast and the votes we will cast.

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Three minute speech to Seminole County commission on the “Flea world Fleece.”

Thanks for your time commissioners, and   County residents. I am an interested citizen of the county, as an entrepreneur, a father, and a teacher.
Also a Lyman High graduate of ’93. Hello Mr. Henley.
Thank you PHV.

City by city there is a current struggle to maintain the free markets without overregulation, to encourage entrepreneurship, and to advance the principles of liberty. Deals like the one you are considering right now reeks of cronyism and only advances the notion that that’s how big business gets done.
Seminole county is a prosperous and still wild and natural wonder. Just steps from the pavement paradise to the south, we maintain our individuality, much of that is kudos to you. Let’s keep the reputation that way. As was eloquently put, instead of the capricious whims, of an overreaching council.

Not too long ago the school I cofounded tried to get a zoning exemption just a mile from the former flea world We were flat out denied despite having all the proper paperwork, even being guided by a member of the commission, and having the blessing of all of her would be neighbors.

The flat denial of small business trying to survive and meet its needs while taking money and then creating financial incentive for big business doesn’t bode well for people seeking reelections.

Now I know those are slightly separate issues, zone exemptions versus development, but we’re talking about small business needs versus big business needs and you’re apparent tendency to meet the latter while ignoring the former. That’s how it’s going to look to the dozens of families employees as well as other small business entrepreneurs wh had to jump through hoops without the luxury of being able to contribute to campaigns first.

What we are asking is not a lot. We are literally asking you to do almost nothing. If a homeowner finds a lot they’re interested in, it’s they’re full responsibility beginning to end to develop that lot. If you would like to sweeten a deal and try to attract a developer to come and create jobs in that area, and it’s a sweet area, and I suggest getting completely out of the way, reduce restrictions, reduce intrusive regulations, keep business and employment related taxes low, better yet don’t penalize success in anyway. Allow for more zoning exemptions so small businesses can get started.

It’s a free market solution to this that doesn’t require backroom deals and even keeps campaign contributions, however legal and transparent, above board

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Small Speech to Oviedo City Hall 

Thank you very much for your time city Council Mr. Mayor and fellow residents of Seminole County and Oviedo,
Congratulations to the first responders who were recognized this evening as well. 

Well done young Women and men! 
My name is Shaun Kunz I am a local entrepreneur I am a teacher I am a father I am a sports coach. I’m a regular guy, I do not drink I do not smoke cigarettes nor do I smoke marijuana. I stand against extending a moratorium against medical marijuana dispensaries. I spend a lot of money in Oviedo because there are competitive companies I can’t find anywhere else. 
My other qualifications as regular Joe, I am also a ulcerative colitis sufferer. Cannabanoids have been shown to be very effective both in pain relief and in relieving inflammation when tested with Crohn’s patients and ulcerative colitis patients alike. To this end, the federal government owns the patents of these cannabinoids.

 Currently my medication is given intravenously at the Cancer Institute as an infusion of Remicade which without insurance is billed at $25,000 per dosage. With insurance it’s billed around $16,000 per dosage. This occurs every eight weeks for me. Please don’t limit access to alternative or more affordable medicines.  
I also ask you to consider that the state of Florida has given their government colleges free reign to begin testing industrial hemp. While it is not medicinal, it is the same New booming Industry, and a lot of local farms are hoping to get on the test run shortlist. Don’t let Oviedo be left in the dust in the medical dispensary field. Your ready to here more invasive and more expensive infrastructure…
Thirdly in a little bit more broad, and inclusive, it is neither City Hall’s job to determine the medical quality of these pharmaceuticals, that is between the patient and the doctor. nor is it City Hall’s job micro regulate business. That is the job of the provider and the consumer. Just like CVS and Publix Rx. 

Put the Dispensary issue to a referendum.  

A few of you are up for re election. Put your name next to it.  

In response to the concerns.
We not trying to become Asheville or San Fran. 

They are not selling joints or dimebags. It’s been legislated down to low potency pills and suppositories. There are a few available options….

Medical marijuana won more states than Hillary. Don’t discount that. End the moratorium or put it on a ballot.  

You’re willing to continue de

In case you missed the other pleas…regulation is slow moving and often sporadic and unreliable, even when there’s a dime in it for them. Let the free market decide.  
Thank you. 

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When you’re really drunk and trying to sound smart. Only you’re not drunk and you don’t sound smart.

I asked a friend to watch this video:

The philosophy of liberty By Ken Schoolland. 

Instead he gave me this diatribe: 

Without watching the video yet….the whole idea of liberty is what? Freedom from… if someone thinks they’re free why would they need “freedom”? It’s i think an existential issue that gets it’s roots from experience, knowledge, education and example…and the courage to stand for something. (Why break away from King George if we don’t perceive a problem). Unless you have a foundation developed from the inside out, where people have clear understanding as to WHY they want such a thing as Liberty away from the control of government it won’t matter what you do to try and improve government, if you don’t have government dare i say “putting principles before personalities”and putting the best interests of the country first instead of personal agendas, leading with individuals that have compelling argument built on intellect, wisdom, morals, with justice and “doing the right thing” coupled with respect and the willingness to listen and not just hear others for healthy debate instead of stone walling, i don’t think it will matter. Now, saying all that I will watch the video and see what I change in my comments.  


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Common core and number sense #Failure

Common Core is an attempt to teach number sense. Here’s why it’s misguided, where the problem actually came from, and how to fix it.
Number sense is a physical, concrete understanding of numbers and operations. Its understanding that math operations are more than just following steps, but that 
The thing about number sense: it generally grows over time. As people use numbers, carry out operations, their number sense continues to improve. When you do problems in your head or on paper, you develop an increased concrete understanding of what’s happening.
Unless, that is, something is done to interrupt that process. For decades, public and private high schools have been dim-wittingly screwing up student’s number sense by encouraging calculator dependency. 
When you do arithmetic by hand or on paper, your number sense continually improves. You notice patterns, understand the reasoning behind familiar formulas, etc. But when you do math with a calculator, that number sense goes out the window. Your brain doesn’t need it, so it neither develops nor maintains it. 
One part of the solution is to keep calculators out of math education. At Vohra Method, we allow them only for things like trig functions of angles not usually memorized. The rest of the time, students are building their number sense the real way. We don’t need to teach them shortcuts or ways to do problems in their head faster. They have every incentive to discover them on their own, and do.
Another part is to understand that thought processes are developed, not memorized. Common Core attempts to directly teach all parts of the internal thought process. It observes the thought process that people good at math develop by doing math in their head, and then attempts to have students memorize that. It then notices that different people have different processes to do math in their heads, and has students try to memorize all of them. The result is that students are cognitively overwhelmed, and move at a snails pace. Students in 6th grade are often still learning the kind of basic arithmetic that should by mastered by 3rd grade. 
Next, educators need to remember that understanding usually comes after mechanics, counterintuitively enough. If you can mechanically do borrowing, it’s easier to then understand why it works. If you try to understand why it works before you can do it, it’s cognitively overwhelming. As an analogy, you and I can discuss word roots because we already know words. But teaching an infant to speak by discussing word roots would be insane. Similarly, you and I can discuss the reasoning behind arithmetical algorithms because we know them. If you try to discuss the rationale before a person knows the formula, try to discuss the “why” before the “what”, you’ll spend more effort to get worse results.
Educators should keep in mind Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, where he shows that formal operations (logic) comes after the concrete operational (mechanics) stage. Young kids can easily learn the mechanics of arithmetic. Once they are a little older, they can discuss logically why those mechanics work. 
Educators should also understand that while there are theoretically infinite algorithms for any math operation (e.g. multiplication), there is generally one that is the best. A better algorithm should involve fewer steps, make intuitive sense, and be generally applicable. Common Core algorithms sometimes make intuitive sense (though not more than standard ones), but massively fail the “fewer steps” critera.
Finally, it’s vital to understand what mathematical problem solving is. Problem solving is the ability to figure out unfamiliar math problems. It’s not the ability to just carry out instructions. When you develop number sense through using numbers, you develop the ability to think and create methods that work for you. That creative process builds problem solving ability.
When you just follow elaborate instructions, you are not building that ability. You are trying to memorize the results without going through the creative process. You aren’t preparing yourself to think independently and creatively, but rather just learning how to be programmed. I can see why government schools would want that. But parents and students presumably don’t.
-Arvin Vohra


The Equation for Excellence
(Arvin Vohra runs Vohra Method, which repairs the damage done by the counterproductive curricula found at public, private, and parochial high schools, and helps students move years ahead of other students at those schools.)

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An open letter to #AntiFa and the #AltRight 

An Open Letter to the Members of the Alt-Right and Antifa,
I bet we want many of the same things. The dismantling and shattering of the current establishment. A world in which current bureaucrats and parasites have to actually work. A world in which Wall Street could never even dream of a bailout. A world in which the state no longer forces propaganda masquerading as education onto us. A country that no longer squanders resources and lives on military nonsense.
I have an offer and a warning. The offer: join an organization working to dismantle the state and the establishment, including crony “capitalists” who manipulate laws to their advantage. The warning: renegade groups are often manipulated into supporting the establishment.
It’s happened before. Many renegades in the Occupy protests were gradually maneuvered into supporting Hillary Clinton, the most pro-establishment person in history. Many renegades in the Tea Party were maneuvered into supporting Mitt Romney, the other most pro-establishment person in history.
Even Obama and Trump, who initially appeared to be anti-establishment, revealed themselves to be deep state puppets, supporting the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, the drug war, NSA surveillance, and the “Patriot Act.”
The Libertarian Party is different. We’re working to defund, dismantle, and delegitimize both the state and the establishment that manipulates it. We want current crony capitalists, bureaucrats, and politicians to lose all power and influence, to lose all unfair advantages, and have to actually engage in useful work in order to survive. 
Antifa and Ancoms: I bet you’d like to smash Wall Street just as much as I do. I have a some far more vicious ways to do that than violence. Here’s one: replace the mortgage interest tax deduction with an equivalent tax deduction on principle. This will make it financially insane to hold stocks while having a mortgage, and will pull hundreds of billions out of Wall Street. Those on Wall Street who produce literally nothing will have to find real work. 
Alt-right: those of you who are there for white nationalism will not find much of a home in the LP. But those of you who want to defund safe space culture, turn higher education into empowerment rather than sycophantism, shut down military overreach, and massively cut taxes will. 
Take a look at our actual platform, at See if it matches what you want. Ask us questions about what doesn’t make sense. 
It may turn out that the Libertarian Party is not what you’re looking for. But it may be exactly the anti-establishment, anti-state organization you’ve been searching for. 
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra

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Why every Christian should be a libertarian.

By Paul Cook
A side effect of living in the Bible Belt my entire life is that I believed that if you were a Christian, it was given that politically, you were a Republican. That’s not such a bad thing to believe. It’s not that inaccurate. I didn’t meet my first non-republican Christian till I was 19. So it was a pretty safe assumption.
When I started studying Political Science in college, my views starting to shift drastically, I started leaning neither right nor left. At that time, I didn’t really know what Libertarianism was. All of my professors were staunch liberals (Shocker). You were either Liberal or you were wrong. I remember sitting in my Poli Sci class as my fellow students talked of how terrible republicans were and how Obama would “change” everything (This was during the fall of 08, so no one knew the dumpster fire he would turn into). I had no idea, while sitting in that class, that the annoyance of having everyone’s solution to every political issue be more regulations and government intervention, would shape my future political beliefs so much.
It was easy for my once conservative view points to slowly, over several years, drift into a brand of “Conservatarianism” so to speak. Once I learned more about Libertarians, I wanted to jump ship. I wanted to say “Screw you, GOP!” and just leap. But something was holding me back. How could I be a Christian, and not a conservative? I knew Democratic Christians existed, but they were seen as either old timey “JFK Democrats” or as new age hipster Christians. Neither view point yielded any positivity in main stream Christian circles. Especially in my area. To be transparent, I was almost too scared to admit that I didn’t fall under the stereotypical Christian political umbrella. But I had an epiphany of sorts. I realized two things that kept me from being a Republican or a Democrat.

First, as a Christian, I cannot expect the government to legislate morality. Not a single bill will ever change someone’s heart. That’s Jesus’ job. Not mine. Not the government’s. Legislating morality is a common practice whenever you have an R behind your name and you live in Washington.
Christians as a whole are the reason this not only happens, but is why it is so common. Forcing people to act according to your own beliefs is not only ineffective, it is un-American. Although some of our founding fathers were Christian, they made sure to allow others to be whatever they wanted. That is what we are founded on. As Christians, we should not make people to do what we believe as right, via force.
In the same way that many times the strictest parents produce the wildest offspring, morality by force will produce rebellion and resentment. God never wanted people to be forced to obey Him. If that was the case, free will would not be a thing, and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. It is downright impossible to show people the love of God by forcing them to not sin. That’s not how that works.
Think of it as the “Don’t look down” predicament. If someone tells you not to, you’re going to look down. If you tell people they can’t do something that you deem as immoral, or men with guns will come take them away, then they are just going to want to do it even more. Not to mention it distorts and twists people’s views of God. He becomes someone who just wants people to not have fun. Not someone who loves them.
By legislating morality, you’re distorting the image of God. Telling people they cannot do something due to our religious beliefs goes farther than just being against the values our country was founded on. It tells people that we, along with Christ, are focusing on their sin, and not them as a person. You will never change a single heart or mind by legislating the Gospel. God wants people’s hearts out of love. Not fear. Fear will only go so far before it transforms into rebellion.
Second, it’s not the government’s job to do what Jesus told us to do; help the needy. This, along with a few other things, is what kept me from being a “Left-Christian”. The idea that we’re doing God’s work by supporting government welfare is ludicrous. You paying your involuntary taxes, is not doing a good deed. You’re not helping the poor by doing something that you have no choice over.
Jesus was not a socialist. Jesus did not tell his disciples to have the Romans feed the hungry. He told them to. You cannot require Uncle Sam to take money from the rich and give to the poor and think you’re doing God’s work. He doesn’t want you to take money from one group of people by force and give it to another. That’s not Christianity. That’s theft.
The reason I believe that the only political belief system that works with Christianity is libertarianism is simple; you cannot give a job that Christ gave to us over to the government, and you cannot take something that only Jesus can do and expect the government to do it. Libertarianism is the only world view that allows for people to make their own choices and to be truly free. One of the first things God did was give humanity free will. I believe that Freedom and Liberty are close to God’s heart. And Libertarians are the group that wants that the most. For everyone. Not just Americans. And that is why I am a libertarian.

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