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Noble Stockholm Syndrome 

“Proud To Pay My Taxes”I still notice some people saying, “I’m proud to pay my taxes!” And it’s still pathetic, for several reasons.

1) Being “proud” that you did something you were FORCED to do is absurd. If you voluntarily contribute to the well-being of your fellow man, great. But it’s not charitable–you get no credit for compassion or generosity–if you had no choice in the matter. Taking “pride” in being robbed is looney.

2) Unless you completely approve of everything “government” does, then being “proud to pay your taxes” means being proud to pay for things that YOU oppose, and think are a bad idea. How much of a schizo do you have to be to express pride in funding things you don’t even want or like?

3) Even regarding the “government” services you want (ignoring how inefficient and wasteful “government” always is), why feel “proud” to pay for a service? Is it especially noble and selfless to BUY STUFF?

4) If you think giving money to politicians constitutes “contributing to society,” you’re delusional. Getting robbed by a carjacker, or just flushing your money down the toilet, does far less harm to society than “paying taxes.”

If you are “proud to pay taxes,” look up “Stockholm Syndrome.” You only feel “pride” because you were TRAINED to feel loyalty to your political masters, and to feel good about blindly obeying their “laws” and paying the tribute they call “taxes.” That doesn’t make you a good person. It makes you a good slave.“
— Larken Rose

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The Occupants Are at it Again. 

The new FB page Occupy Democrats has gained some steam lately. When I hear Occupy I cringe. Squatting and complaining while giving your fellow man a guilt trip over an issue you feel entitled to impose your sense of resolve on, and asking Big Brother -the real culprit- to fix it, or fix them. 

It’s education at the moment. The above paragraph is no doubt a can of worms. Here is another.  


It’s not the first time they want to sink their poison fangs into the fatted calf. By “they” I mean statists. I can go on and on. I need to stick to the above bit of nausea. 

First. Free?  From what, some childcare well you dug on ancestral land? Free from some group of charitable monks who devoted their lives to poverty whilst….no. It’s a product of huge taxation. If your justifying huge tax rates, join Occupy Democrats. 

No Private schools? Ever? That’s good? You may own any other business you like, just don’t try to earn your own unregulated living as a teacher? At least it speaks more honestly to the real motivation behind the meme. Privatization =bad people. Privateers are empowered and that’s dangerous. 

Paid the same as doctors and lawyers? Why am I entitled to that? Why do doctors and lawyers have to make the same amount? As an educator I have not had the same investment in my education, nor do I take the same risk, and let’s face it, I cannot be held as monetarily liable as doctors and lawyers. It’s financial fear mongering and wealth bigotry. It sets up victimology and entitlement which a big tax monkey government loves! 

Most student don’t take standardized tests? Is that even a stat? Most? Is that as far as your credibility goes, most? Who did the research, a sophomore more interested in the new version of Clash of Clans and can’t be bothered doing the work? Scratch journalism. I’m not under the impression that facts are as important to Occupiers as emotions and slander, but c’mon. Most? Guess what? Kids in America can opt out too if they didn’t listen to this crap. They have choices they don’t need tax-addict government -worshipping wealth-bigot entitlement-peddlers who talk tough than line up like sheep and vote for the very oppressors the fein to fight to give them permission to excercize.  Yeah. Read that again. 

Now the America side. 

Private schools for the rich? Who voted against vouchers which would have allowed all these poor families to retain their overtaxed wealth and use it to go to private schools? The left! Are you telling me there are no such things as scholarships and privately funded sources to pay for school? Are you afraid the poor ( a word which more accurately describe your attitude and judgmentalism towards people who make money you don’t deem acceptable,) may become empowered and not need your addictive victimization bullshit? 

Teachers are paid as little as possible? Zero is as little as possible. No teacher makes zero. And do me a favor, stop insulting me because I don’t make as much money as you think I should. I’ll take care of my side of the street, thank you. Stop insulting me because I freely chose a profession. Patronize somebody else’s calling. Or maybe I should stand out in the middle the street with a sign in the middle of a work week and complain. And I guess you don’t really respect the unions you so fervently support. They create some pretty wealthy teachers in the states with the highest number of Democrats and teachers unions. At others expense. See above paragraph about “free.”  

The high-stakes standardized tests I will agree with. But again it’s the big bully fat cat largely Democrat backed education system that has created it. Stop pretending to be its Savior as well.
Out of breadth. 


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