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Don’t Dig Buy Backs. 

I was watching a Periscope today by a guy I follow: Carlos A Navarro. He’s one of the Monsters of Real Radio 104.1 which I am indifferent towards. They are a great advocate show for the city of Orlando. 

This scope was at a but back promo. I noted that I was against this type of program. Periscope is not really a platform for dialogue. I told him I would send him a tweet, not wanting to troll his scope, and to use a more appropriate app, namely this one combined with Twitter. It’s more conducive to long winded explanation than being the viewer on a periscope. 

So here are two articles which do a good job. 

Here is another 

Here is another 

In fact, it’s the prevailing opinion. 

But backs are safety theater. They also presume a lot. When are criminals going to come to their senses and suddenly decide they are misusing weapons and a pair of shoes is what they need? More often damaged and unusable guns-yes that does include street guns in poor shape too- get turned in. These are not killer weapons. Backfire and jam dangers for sure at best, usable as threats at worst. 

Just like the criminal minded are not gonna obey gun restrictions, only law abiding citizens, now handcuffed by laws instead of empowered by them, respect these outreach programs and laws. 

Remember: a free man is free because he decides a law is just, or at least tolerable enough to follow. He is less free when the law simply carries too heavy a burden or penalty to break.  

Most gun restrictions are perceived in those ways by peaceful, respectful, gun responsible-and well defended- folk. 

The assumptions made by these events are that they are so righteous and well-intended the criminal will see the light and eschew his ways, relinquishing his weapon and turn over a new leaf for good. Read that story to your baby at night. It bores me to sleep too. 

“But if just one life is saved…” Spare me. More lives are put in danger  when good folks, and the poor are manipulated by the lure of money and free sneakers, are disarmed in bad neighborhoods. It’s a little condescending by the way to give away “kicks” in these neighborhoods, preying on a bit of a stereotype aren’t we?

Why don’t you have a job fair? Or promote homeschool co-ops or shitty old textbook exchanges? Things actually useful and shown to prevent crime more than any gun scare tactic. 

Buy back predatory credit cards and payday advance loans. Give away starter seed and gardening kits in these nutrition desserts where even big grocery doesn’t build stores. It would be cheaper. Somebody wouldn’t profit off of the guns on the back end of course.  Let’s not forget  that that happens. Yes it does.

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