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Thoughts on Holy Week.

Thoughts on Holy Week.


As we enter Holy Week, I reflect upon the journey of Lent. As a lapsed Catholic and spiritual advisor to the simplest minds in the drunkard community, I am uniquely qualified to testify to the effects of sacrifice and reconciliation. The message I have been given to carry was handed to the marginal and cast-asides specifically.

The Conservative Hippy ought not take on the sacrifice lightly, nor take it on in a sense of simple dogmatic duty, that is, blindly. Blind faith is no faith at all. A seminarian with 5 kids, three of them adopted told me that. I believe it. The Conservative Hippy chooses to sacrifice in order to change and experience life with a new sense of respect. The fasting brings an obvious hunger, but a less violent aspect of an opportunity to meditate and think through the feeling instead of reacting. The Conservative Hippy is at that moment, when engulfed in the feeling of emptiness and malnourishment, in spiritual kinship with those around the world and in our own neighborhoods for whom fasting is not necessarily a choice.

Our sense of starvation is a selfish need for instant gratification in a society of abundance. The Conservative Hippy recognizes the need and denies the immediacy, but is aware of self-care. Allowing oneself to fall into disrepair is not the point. We have been blessed with an abundant society and have the resources we require to stay healthy. The point is to purposefully and deliberately choose not to overindulge.

How is this related to a new socio-political view? Conservative Hippyism believes in the frailty of man. We are imperfect. It is in this frailty that we find humility and the courage to endure. The Conservative Hippy does not insist that one man in any state or condition is better than any other. Conservative Hippyism holds as one of its tenets: ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL AND ARE GUARANTEED BY THEIR CREATOR (not their governors) UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, REGARDLESS OF RACE, CREED, GENDER-AND SHALL NOT RECEIVE SPECIAL PRIVILEGES OR ENTITLEMENT BECAUSE OF RACE,SEX,OR CREED. We all carry the same trait of frailty. and therefore no one man, born unto privilege or into poverty has a better pedigree than any other. What becomes of the person as a result of their actions and inaction may qualify them according to standards for position amongst his fellow man, but not as a quality born unto him. Lent teaches us that no matter how imperfect, there are always opportunities to repent, reconcile, and resurrect.

That being said. I chose to go Vegan for Lent. I needed a cookbook and a strong sense of starch vs protein in the plant world in order to survive.

The Monday Mass during Holy Week was a reconciliation service. I had not looked a priest in the eye and admitted my faults in a long time. The Conservative Hippy does not believe in total self sufficiency. There is a community he must turn to, whether it be religious spiritual, familiar, or political. Conservative Hippyism believes as John Donne teaches:

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every
man is a piece of the continent, a part of the
main. If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory
were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or
of thine own were: any man’s death diminishes
me, because I am involved in mankind, and
therefore never send to know for whom the bells
tolls; it tolls for thee.”

Do you see what I did there, used the entire quote, not just the part that suits my needs and then presented out of context. Guess I’ll never make it in modern journalism.

How does this differ from the HillaryCare Mantra of It takes a Village to Raise a Child? Greatly. Having consideration and compassion for your fellow man is essential for the Conservative Hippy. Stating that it is the rersponsibility as mandated by the village to raise one-another’s children is the antithesis. Compassion born of free will and a earnest desire to be with another in spirit is the definition of compassion and charity. Being forced to recieve a mandated handout and being forced to give that handout, as managed by a benevolent government, who has taken on your personal well-being as part of their task, is blindfaith (yes, one word here), personal and govenmental (though I assume there is no governing the mental at this point) idolotry. What virtue exists in following a mandate to do “goodwill” if to not to do so would result in penalty? Might as well put up a billboard that pronounces taxation as charitable spending and remind everyone of the penalties of tax evasion.

Waaaiiiit, that is happening. That billboard idea would be more truthful and direct, but is too obvious for the opposition. Instead they work the backdoor selling tithes like the religion of olde for which they are now to smart. Instead of calling you charitable for following the laws of compulsory taxation, they call those who believe that government has run rampant and is a gambling addict on a coke binge, who read to much Timothy Leary, as greedy and selfish. By contrast if you just shut up and put out for them, you are not being used by a pimp for their pleasure, you’re being generous. Generosity starts in the heart and so does reconciliation and forgiveness. The government cannot mandate it, in fact, many an op-poser (stress POSER when pronouncing this) hypocritically retract from “moral law” but use morals to justify their own.


Tuesday brings me to a sense of peace. Having been granted absolution, I can now roam the world free from guilt and shame and begin a new cycle of transgression. Of course that is not truly the way of the Conservative Hippy. That reminds me, I need to write my manual on fighting style: Sarcasm and Fierce Insults as a Means to Defend-The Way of the Conservative Hippy. Conservative Hippyism believes that having a clean slate, whether for one day or one hour or one year, exists only in the present. You are as you are right now. A transgression committed against your fellow man is as unjust and corrupt as one committed by you against yourself. It is equally as important that reconciling be done with yourself as well. If only this simple foundation were easy to execute. Resentments are sticky forgiveness is slick. There are few examples of this in our popular culture (which I believe to be neither popular nor very representative of our culture). There are fewer examples in the government that demands it of its constituency. Yes it does.

It demands we forgive them at every turn, making poor excuses for actions, and in some cases purposefully misleading. It proposes laws and even passes ones which it refuses to follow itself. Moreover, it does so without hesitation, or evasion. the most exclusive club in the whole wide world is not the Masons, not the Skull and Nones, it’s not some fraternity or golf club, it’s the United States Senate. 100 people seemingly accountable to no one.

The Conservative Hippy knows that government is a servant of the people not its master. Examples of higher living ought to be modeled and brought to government. It has never been possible for it to work the other way around. May we suffer in the throes of freedom and erratic experimentation in the laboratory of justice and life-rather than excel in the cradle rocked by our government who has entitled and enabled us with all we could ask for. (more on how those gifts are not theirs to give in the first place. Moron, those gifts etc…in a later post). Children who receive all they want rarely get what they deserve. Even when given gifts and accepting them graciously, Conservative Hippyism teaches that one ought not let themselves be manipulated by the giver. A gift is not one when expectations of reciprocation are present. The Mafia does that. …they’re animals anyway, let them lose their souls.

Back on the topic of reconciliation. Many officials in government would like to blame previous officials for the poor state of their community. Certainly it’s important to contrast oneself with an incumbent while tryiing to get elected, once you take that oath the state of the Union, State of the State, Township, or city is now yours. By all means, examine past failed policies, institute your own, but the Conservative Hippie knows that blaming your failures on your predecessors is just crying. Of course the flipside of that means that when you’re predecessors past policies result in successes during your term, you don’t take credit for that. Consistent with that, is the fact that you don’t set policies you know are going to be unpopular or go against your constituents desires, and then not activate them until you are either out of office or in your last term and are unaccountable. Now you’ve blamed your predecessors for your failures and saddled your posterity with responsibility for cleaning up after you. What does that make you at present?

Conservative Hippieism believes that you are what you are at present. We stated this previously. If you’re blaming failures on your predecessor and saddling your posterity with more of your failures you’re avoiding taking responsibility for your present. No doubt that type of person will not forgive, repent, or reconcile but continue to blame for the rest of their lives. The Conservative Hippie does not abide.


So, happy Spy Wednesday. That’s what today is officially called, Spy Wednesday. And the theme for Spy Wednesday is beached whale, or maybe redefining judicial activism. Actually, it’s betrayal. Remember the good old days when your best friend would betray you for a simple 30 pieces of silver? Now, apparently it takes $.18 per gallon of gasoline in federal sales tax, billions in counterfeited US currency courtesy of an illegal central bank, a bloated TSA which spends almost $1 million in Vegas for training, and your fellow countrymen’s sacred honor which is made to turn on you in the name of all of these things.

The Conservative Hippie knows betrayal very well. His fellowman wraps his arm around his shoulders and dances with him to the music, celebrates life, tells him he’s welcome at the festivals and around fires, tells him he’s welcome to give and give and give so that they may receive, but ruthlessly labels him a hater or a bigot once he reveals his opposing conservative viewpoints.

Conservative Hippyism teaches that hate is not owned by any one viewpoint anymore than Hope is owned by any one person to be promised or given away. A certain government has different branches. Administrative, legislative, and the judicial. These branches are separate and were each designed for a specific purpose. The Conservative Hippie recognizes each one of us was also made for specific purpose. Some of the purposes may be similar. Some of the actions may overlap, but we may not tread upon one another’s path. In so doing, one may lose his own way, wrongfully influence another to follow his way instead of their own, or be influenced himself to follow a path he was not intended for.
Once two people are walking one man’s path, surely one is a leader and one becomes a follower. Agreed, and don’t call me Shirley. Now two people are walking the same path and when they come in close quarters with a third- the influence of two maybe too great for the one. Now another man may lose his way by strictly taking on the path of another. Conservative Hippyism believes that finding inspiration and the metaphors of life, symbolism and the signs can only occur when you’re following your own path. Regardless of how close that path comes to others or even where it may intersect, converge and run for a bit, it must always remain singular and separate or the signs you’re following are not meant for you.

The Conservative Hippie knows that not following your own path, whether you believe it’s been laydown already or you believe that you have to blaze your own, is the cruelest, simplest, and most damaging form of betrayal. Cain didn’t know that type of evil when he slew Abel. He knew it shortly after, of course, when he realized that in killing his brother he had done damage to himself.

So, the Conservative Hippie asks that when the highest courts in the land are given the task of interpreting the laws that are written by our legislatures-why do they insist on writing their own law instead? That action has been coined as “judicial activism. ” It is a betrayal of the law, the tradition of the land, and the desires of the constituency whom have granted them their power (which by the way is the only position in government that is lifelong.) The worst part is that each of these justices has studied hard, worked hard, trained hard, to get to the highest position possible in the whole world in their profession, and now they have betrayed all of that.

A Conservative Hippie knows that it is never too late to reconcile, repent, and amend as has been previously stated in the experience of this week.

Now: when those Justices receive a law that they know is unconstitutional and they deliberate, they are doing their job. When those that have offered this dandy little nugget of Foolsgold decide they’re going to intervene, they’re going to make a phone call or they’re going to do something else to try to sway the courts to find in their favor, they are John Gotti. They are in turn betraying the trust and duties granted to them by the people they have sworn to serve. What would you do to a butler that pissed in your soup? Better yet, what would you do to a butler who is supposed to serve you, is being paid to serve you, but goes to your children or goes to your neighbors or goes to your boss and insists that pissing in your soup is the right thing to do? Goodbye Jeeves, no I am not asking.

Worse than all of this: now that the term “judicial activism” is deemed negative, the op-POSERs will label any deference to their point of view, as such. Trying to redefine a term and use it against the masses is a sincere and deliberate betrayal. The Conservative Hippy does not abide. (Yes I am biting The Dude. Who better?)


On Maundy Thursday the theme is Feet Washing. It’s a service to your fellow man. The Conservative Hippie loves a foot rub and after a few days in sandals at Wanee, knows what a good feet washing can do. In the classical sense, feet washing is the original pay-it-forward. The teachers and masters are to stoop and wash the feet of the students and servants. In turn they are to go out and do so for others and with the same message.

Conservative Hippyism believes: Acts of charity should not become a crutch to the recipient. Unless they have a broken leg, then by all means, get them a crutch. There are a few posts in this blog about people giving to the poor and sticking another feather in their own cap for it. There is a post in this blog about a company who gives away its product-only when one is bought-and thereby hurts the economy of the recipient community. Read them.

I am always compelled to laugh when I read the bumper stickers suggesting that teachers get paid more (a seperate post, or as the op-POSE-ition likes to say: a-whole-‘nother) while the Air Force has bake sales to buy their bombers. Sour Grapes from the Strawberry Shortcake universe calls that cry-babying. When I get inundated with “do-gooders” messages blasting the government for spending too much on defense while not feeding the poor, it actually makes me laugh as well. The Conservative Hippy knows that every time the government has thought of itself as the master and Rabbi, stooping to wash the feet of the poor, they have been ineffective to exploitative.

The War on Drugs- taught me all the drugs I had no knowledge of and how to recognize them when I saw them next. Let’s institute a government based initiative to help the sons and daughters of the Baby Boomer drug culture to “just say no.” Briliant, then the generation who invented consequent-less sex and recreational barbiturates, can never really have to grow up at all, after they inherited a nation from the greatest generation. Drugs keep whole countries employed. The war did nothing. Government could not, should not tell America’s children to do anyting. What cowardice exists when the government can’t look adults in the eye and try to get their agenda passed, so they move right on to the kids. Oh wait, that still happens. The Conservative Hippy Believes that it is a parent’s job to stoop and wash their childrens feet and tell the to do the same to their peers. In keeping clean and enjoying that state of being and reflecting on that example set by your only true models and governors, drugs can rarely find a foothold if it should stand near at all. Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and a slew of other really cool folks think I’m wrong.

We began a War on Poverty and a War on Hunger too. Why don’t we just call them a “Battle to Ensure Inability to Survive Forever.” Dollar amounts don’t matter here. Especially in an economy that just counterfeits its currency at the rate we are. The Conservative Hippy knows that his time and Labor are worth the value of the resulting product. If I can take a high level of customer service and a well made cocktail to market, and decide that it is worth the price of another man’s toil to produce a healthy and viable chicken, AND HE AGREES, we make an exchange. He drinks and gets served. I eat. This is only not rediculous in a hypothetical sense. We produced promissory notes in lieu of direct bartering at market. My service and cocktail combined is worth an average of 9 dollars, the chicken is slightly more. Keep illegally counterfeiting our money at an unconstitutional central TRUST, and it devalues my labor and product. Tangent there…so be it.

The Wars on Poverty and Hunger have not solved any problems, unless they were designed to murder, handicap and imprison the poor and the hungry, then they have done wonders. I cant and wont spout international numbers and effectiveness polls. Conservative Hippyism teaches that any result can be gotten if the question is framed correctly. It is the theory that the governments of the world, especially America have the right to tell people that their standards of living are unacceptable. That is the basis for much of the social strife and disunity we experience today. There is no outlined duty that states government ought to hide behind compassion and use the marginal of society to hoist up the flag pole and exploit for their own sense of worthiness, but more likely re-election. Good deeds are done, for sure. It is the citizenry, the people, who ought to put their names, fortunes and sacred honor at risk to help their fellow man. Governments have none of this.

So, lets make our armed forces have a bake sale for tanks and bullets, maybe we can buy 1 or 2. And let’s hope that the people who want to harm this country do the same thing, because they are paying their teachers so much more. Lets assume that since our government is a beacon of goodwill toward man and peace in our time, that all the other bastardly and dastardly ones will follow in lock step. That’s what history has shown us right?

The Conservative Hippy knows that a government is the ultimate servant, and it is us who must from time to time stoop to wash it’s feet. Get the dirt and the infections out so that it may stay healthy. Any canker or calluses is a reflection of the citizenry’s dereliction of duty. The onus is upon us to keep one another clean and safe. Allowing government to be your savior allows it to be your master, and they never-ever-never-ever do it without expecting something in return. If one man does too much drugs, he will be saved when his time to be saved comes (forced rehabilitation in another post). A poor man has the right to be poor. A rich man has his right as well ( money as not the root of all evil in a later post). See you at Wanee, dirty feet ready to be washed.


Service and sacrifice. To what end do we do service and offer sacrifice of ourselves? The Conservative Hippie knows the argument that there is no truly unselfish act. He does not seek glory in helping others. Conservative Hippyism teaches healthy selfishness. Since we can’t deny that doing good for others benefits ourselves, we recognize the selfishness, but it is in maintaining that we receive nothing in return directly from them that it remains healthy. I commit today to never “Facebook” my volunteerism except when I is contextually appropriate.
Did you know that government actually began advertising for recipients of food stamps? They felt that not enough people were receiving them. Certainly they need to justify their budget. Don’t tell me otherwise. If it were really an act of service and sacrifice, not having enough recipients would be a good thing. Having none would be the ultimate goal. No?

Conservative Hippyism believes strongly that sharing information and knowledge, just to be known as informative and knowledgable, is not charity. That is manipulating the marginal and helpless for your own ends. Pimps do that.

You do not help a lost traveler find his way or pick up a hitchhiker so that they might decide you are the way. This is why I’ll never. It’s for someone who allows his image to be the main message in his campaign. Principles before personalities, unless it’s a comedy or satire routine, keeps the road clear from obstacles.

Service and sacrifice ought not put The Conservative Hippy in danger. Jumping out of a perfectly good ship during a storm to save a drowning man now puts two lives at risk. Teach kids to swim and when it is proper to be wearing your life vest. Avoid the situation altogether. A bit simplistic for sure, nonetheless accurate. The best way to help the ones you Iove is to practice proper self-care and lead by example. I double-dog-dare the politicians the op-POSE-ition adore to do just that. Or they can stick their tongue to a frozen flag pole. That gets them off the hook.

I must also add that as I was negotiating the release of The-Heir-to-the-Conservative-Hippy-Throne, (and all it entails) for the Easter Holiday, a text “conversation” with his bearer took place. It consisted of me sending 4 texts. and getting 20 in return, the last of which accused me of being angry (irony, or hypocrisy?). Conservative Hippyism teaches thusly: pick your battles, giving only as much information as needed to advance the cause –do not sell the lie until it becomes true, a.k.a the Liberty Valance technique- and when you have achived your goal-SHUT UP-the next person to speak loses. The Conservative Hippy knows that when we learn to stop arguing, we tend to get what we need, after all, you can’t always get what you want. If sidebar conversations are needed, let them be the topic of their own conversation, if they have merit. No need to pork barrell them into one argument and muddy the waters. Let the governors do that, attach a wasteful spending bill to a socially popular (even if unconstitutional) one and claim that downing the over spending means you don’t care about kittens. Argue the kittens seperately from the pigs, and if they both haver merit, they will both stand on their own. Pet The Kittens and slaughter the pigs.

Have Merit, stand on your own.


Today was a time for reflecting. It was the last day of Lent. On a very selfish realization it was the last day I had to eat vegan. The Conservative Hippy never eats vegan only because it is moral, or kind to animals or any of that horse shit. Eat vegan if you want. Make it sociopolitical even. Lay claim that chemical engineering has caused to manyl byproducts to occur in meats. Say that you want to reduce your cholesterol. Don’t tell me meat is murder. Please. Explain your position on abortion and your right to have your contraception paid for by other people who don’t give a shit if you’re even putting out, before you claim cows have a society whose laws we are breaking concerning butchering them for food. It is butchery. It’s not a romantic suicide pact. We butcher them. Please don’t tell me it is murder.
I had an incredible black bean burger on seared whole wheat bread this week, twice. I did not breathe a sigh of relief because I had saved a cow. I burped a burp of relief that beans had been mashed into a patty though. Later I farted a fart of relief.

The vegan experiment was chosen for lent because we wanted a true sacrifice to be made in our daily lives and to be very deliberate about the food and abundance thereof that we took for granted on a daily basis. It was a spiritual kinship as well with those who have one chicken for the family every week or month. Eating vegan did make me rub noses with a lot of the op-POSE-ition. On a quest for gluten free Tamari sauce (poser for soy sauce) because The Curly Haired Blonde I live with ( my wife and unwitting co-founder of Conservative Hippyism) eats gluten free as well, I came into a Whole Foods. Without going into too much of a rant about how it is a church for the faithful dirt-worshiper-too-smart-for-religion but oppressed with the yolk of social-pop-issue-consciousness, I’ll just say that a few Vespas were parked on the sidewalk. A young man in a beret was drawing (well) on the patio The place was packed and the checkout lines wee empty. Empty. That’s all I’m saying. The checkout clerk commented on my Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Band T-shirt and we became friends for a sec. I mentioned Wanee and he turned out to be a loyal Mag-Fester. We travel to the same Mecca once a year.

The vegan diet took a lot of preparation. There was a lot of knife work. I learned to roll spring rolls. I learned to make a garlic and onion paste. I learned to make protein shakes with silken tofu. I learned that quinoa and amaranth are not just trendy names for babies born into asshole poser families. I learned that eating on the run is really hard. I learned that a sack of 5Guys fries is a vegan meal.

I learned that eating healthy is a cheap option to eating out. I know that the government has no place whatsoever telling me what foods are legal or illegal, responsible or irresponsible, healthy or unhealthy. Conservative Hippyism teaches: gratitude for food keeps you healthy regardless of what you are eating. The Conservative Hippy believes strongly that no government can serve itself and the people at the same time. This applies to our diet as well. I dare any government official at any level to pay for all their lunches, to shut down Capitol cafeterias. I call upon all of them to show gratitude In a quiet moment before their meals and risk being labelled a religious fanatic. Conservative Hippyism is rooted firmly in finding spiritual solitude and kinship with others while ensuring you keep healthy yourself.

Many great recipes have been added to the repertoire. The vegan diet has become a welcomed change to our standard unrepentant carnivore ways. The repenting, the symbolic washing of feet, betrayal, veganism, all these things made for a great launching pad for the Conservative Hippy movement. It will officially begin tomorrow. So will bingeing on milk chocolate and ham. The day that new life and rebirth begins. Unfortunately we will have to wait until November to see if our servants-run-amuck will experience the same thing. Let us wash the feet of government. Forgive it’s transgressions. Deliberately fast. And stop bullshitting about the ways and means in which we feed it.


So the Easter Bunny woke up earlier than he wanted. He hid all the dyed eggs inside the house and the plastic eggs-turned candy filled maracas- outside. He then sat down for a nice bacon and sausage breakfast with buttermilk biscuits butter-soaked to saturation point.  The G-boy was awoken, and given his Easter basket, filled with gardening tools and seeds, appropriate for the rite of Spring, and the theme of the Holy Holiday as well: renewal.  He was then scolded for not Pigging (pun) out on his breakfast, and being tempered in his consumption of chocolate bunny. The formal celebration was nice, very colorful and full of chalky-pastels, plus the decorations were that way too.

The egg-hunt began when we arrived home, and it was fun watching the young man stalk on his tippy-toes, (he walks and runs on his toes, like a panther) for eggs. The Angry Bird comparison was too much to ignore. He declared himself a member of that sociopathic flock, and was determined to rescue his captive eggs from pigs. It’s funny how much sheer joy comes from seeing the son of Conservative Hippyism discover eggs in the yard, as if he has just decoded the great meaning of life, over and over, and over again. That supernatural interloper, technically not a rodent-order lagomorph family leporidae -more closely related to horses than squirrels, is not the same as Santa. They both have helpers in the house, sleeper cells if you will. They “awaken” when called upon and do their programmed bidding. Both entities also sincerely cloud the meaning behind the holidays, at least Santa Clause has a religious background, a lapsed Catholic. The bunny, not sure. I know a wiki-search will show when he was created and what not, but the cultural significance pales in contrast. I wonder if candy makers and chocolatiers think of Easter ( and by extension Halloween) as black Sunday. Conservative Hippyism does not teach, nor endorse disdain for the commercialism of religious holidays. The Conservative Hippy knows that everyone may celebrate every holiday as they see fit, concentrating on its religious roots, its material roots, or its paganism rites of the season and other dirt-and-self-worshiping roots as they please. Conservative Hippyism knows that these celebraions are op-POOR-tunities to reach out, reflect, and respond to the world around you.

The op-POSER would have you believe that they are simply too smart for the spiritual component, and are quite above the materialistic component. They shame the materialistic man while shunning the religious one. Nevermind that the jobs to which they so desperately and violently claim they are entitled, come from that type of materialism, and the products thereof are given quite often as a sign of love and compassion as each individual sees fit. The Conservative Hippy knows that when one is too proud to accept a gift, they have denied someone the chance to be generous. (see above statements about manipulation, beware). Conservative Hippyism teaches that THANK YOU and NO  are both full sentences, independent of one another.  Watch as the Op-POSE-ition makes fun of Christianity and Catholicism, while making damn sure that the jobs to which they violently claim entitlement, contain days off in observance of the feasts of the plebian-ignorant-church-goers cannonized saints. This would be a great place to branch off into a rant about the op-POSE-ition’s cannon of political and social saints and the true meaning of seperation of Church and state, but I’ll save that for my first mass produced marketing fund raiser and BINGO night.

Point is: we hid a lot of eggs. By we I mean The Easter Bunny and the Curly Haired Blonde Girl with whom he lives.  Later on that day I was spreading a generous layer of bug control granules on the yard and came across 2 more eggs, which the G-boy had not found. It’s okay, we hid a lot. The candy crash came after we consumed a pound or two of sugar-glazed Ham and potatoes (yes there is an E when you pluralize it…anyone, Beuhler?) each and washed it down with handfuls of SweeTarts, Runts, and Ice Cream Parlor Mix Jelly Bellys.

The G-Boy and I began pulling weeds with his new tools. We raked with claws hoes. We pulled weeds, making sure to get to the root of the problem. We poked holes in the dirt with our fingers. We gently handled seeds and zygotes and embedded them into their mossy and sandy wombs. We secured them with water and crossed our fingers. We knew that day, that just becuse nothing seems to be there, does not mean something new wont grow. An empty tomb means something has risen, flat earth is an opportunity for growth. Conservative Hippyism teaches us to find these opportunities and make them fruitful, even decoding the metaphors in life to find applicable weights and measures.

Luckily we also had Opening Weekend Baseball to watch. The Rays won, the God-forsaken-Red-Sox lost. The G-boy went home, and The Curly Haired Blonde Girl with whom I live and love finished A Midsummer’s Night Dream on DVD.

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