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G.R.O.W.: Much to do and do

Goal: Today and for the rest of the week I would like to get my field trip forms completed,start a new book, while finishing another,and make sure that I give my students the structure and accountability they need to complete their goals. My son has basketball practice today

Reality: I am a little apprehensive about all I have to do, I have some of the books started. I have to start another one.

Obstacles/options: As usual my biggest obstacle time management and distractions. I have to give myself permission to let other things take a backseat while I prioritize this. I have the option of going to the gym twice today, where I do seem to get a lot of reading completed. I have the option of allowing more directed yet independent study time. I have the option of scheduling tasks for certain times in the day, then doing my best during that time, then moving on, whether completed or not.

Who/What/Where/When/Why: These tasks are important to me, and in some case my employers and students. I have to find value in them first, before they can be a value to anyone else, or else I am enabling others, not empowering them and myself, there is a fine line.

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5* D.I.: This is Jeapardy

Today is great. I want to have fun. I am glad it is Friday. I have a lot to do.

I want to get my field trip forms completed. I have to have a class meeting. I will be playing jeopardy with my class as a way to survey the cities in America we chose from our family trees.

I have a litany of chores to do at school:

check books

go over due assignments

list expectations for exhibition again.

I have the time and place and resources to do all of these.

As usual I need the patience and scheduling to do it.

I would like to go into the weekend with a sense of completion so I don’t compound the tardiness next week.

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5* D.I.: A day of work

Check In: Today I am well. Well rested and fed. I had a  productive evening and morning so far. I am enjoying the weather.

Goal: I want to talk a little more about expectations for exhibitions and getting everyone caught up. I decided that today should be an independent work day.  I would like to be spiritually independent, that includes financially and politically. I was reading a great article this morning about a park which had only one handicapped entrance,  so they closed the entrance which was not accessible to wheelchairs. No no one can use it. Come again?

I  want to do the workout part C I found on Men’s Fitness Online.The parts A & B have been challenging and involve multi joint or full body exercises.No isolation.

My tools: I have an open morning to use as independent work time. I still have to schedule it in blocks to increase productivity. I have time  to go to the gym today.

I Lack: I need to keep myself directed and catch my students doing things right so they gain. momentum. I have to keep checking off my list of things to do.

This is important because I want to help others succeed, that means I succeed and a,m surrounding myself with successful people.

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5*D.I.: Off Schedule

This long weekend was great. I went to the Scottish Highland Games. There was a lot to see and do. We spent a considerable amount of time there. I enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday. I completed a crazy HIIT. A High Intensity Interval Training workout. I’m getting ready for a couple of Mud/Obstacle runs. Except for something weird happening in my guts – no doubt related to my huge appetite and heavy workout/ dehydration- I feel physically well.

Today I want to get finance and genealogy done as well as picking out a family saga book and starting A Land Remembered Again.

My computer is on the fritz so I will be using my cell phone for as much as I can. I have the texts for everything else.

I will need the trust and patience as usual. I can only ever plan a plan. I cannot plan an outcome. It usually means not responding to drama.

This is important because I want to stay on schedule. The exhibition is always sooner than one thinks.

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5* D.I.: Character of a City pt 2

Today I am a little rushed. I have a lot to get completed. I want to finish the Character of a city activity. I would like to get my grading up to date. I have to contact a potential employer with a counter offer. The offer they made was generous, but it involved a finance loan and a contract as leverage. I don’t do that.

I have the abilities and resources. I am all cued up as usual. That seems to be a successful strategy. I know what I want to do in advance, at least a little bit, and prepare ahead of time. The rest is not up to me. I can only prepare and then let the results be.

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5* D.I.: Genealogist visit.

Today I am very well. I didn’t sleep great, but my son sleep awesome. He is clearly feeling better. I am excited about our genealogist visit.

I want to get my family tree expanded as well as present the importance of keeping personal histories.

I have the time and resources available, my struggle is always a mental and spiritual one. I have to rely on my sense of trust.

This is important because many cultures have been saved for eternity by recording their personal histories. We can study ancient cultures. Many cultures have lost their identities, and therefore have the people, because their family histories were outlawed. (ahem…China.) I can link this to many history items in the future.

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Looking California, feeling Minnesota.

Looking California, feeling Minnesota.

So is my daily intention today I decided to help my students express themselves. I asked if anybody was looking California but feeling Minnesota. Nobody got the Soundgarden allusion. But now the song
“Outshined” is stuck in my head. Someone of my intentions to play that song very loudly for all to hear.

I also want to get my students feedback on creative projects for this mini unit. I intend to do that by simply having a conversation with them. I find that a lot of my intentions are solved by simply communicating with them.

I’ve always run into problems when I’ve asked people to read my mind instead of communicating to them.

So now I’m off. I’m going to find a copy of Outshined.

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