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Looking California, feeling Minnesota.

Looking California, feeling Minnesota.

So is my daily intention today I decided to help my students express themselves. I asked if anybody was looking California but feeling Minnesota. Nobody got the Soundgarden allusion. But now the song
“Outshined” is stuck in my head. Someone of my intentions to play that song very loudly for all to hear.

I also want to get my students feedback on creative projects for this mini unit. I intend to do that by simply having a conversation with them. I find that a lot of my intentions are solved by simply communicating with them.

I’ve always run into problems when I’ve asked people to read my mind instead of communicating to them.

So now I’m off. I’m going to find a copy of Outshined.

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7 Years-one Day at a Time

7 Years-one Day at a Time

Seven years ago I woke up (read: came to) in a jail cell. I had a foggy and faint memory of how I had gotten there. In the milliseconds before I opened my eyes I was wishing that it had been all a dream- that when I open my eyes I would really be home. But that didn’t happen. I wasn’t home. I was in a Pasco county jail cell.

The guy next to me had shoulder length curly hair and it was matted with his own dried vomit. The guy on the other side of me was using the toilet paper roll as a pillow-which meant that there was probably a toilet on the other side of that short brick wall.

The man across from me and very few teeth. He had hands like baseball mitts. I don’t mean the big outfielders mitts, I mean the old-style early 1900s baseball mitts- the kind that just look like giant leather five finger gloves. He had these huge swollen, calloused, black stained hands. All I could figure was that he was a mason or road worker who refused to wear gloves. I mean I would be surprised if he had any sensation at all in those things. Me? I had short messy black hair. Swollen red eyes, and not a lot else going for me. The one thing we all had in common were denim jumpsuits with the word INMATE down the leg and a cold zipper pressing on our bare skin and chafing our necks.

We also wore denim slip on shoes. There were definitely lefts and rights, but not necessarily pairs.

Breakfast was a piece of white bread, hard-boiled egg, half pint of milk in a small carton, a small box of cornflakes all wrapped up together in a plastic bag All of those plastic bags were inside a larger plastic bag that was basically put inside the room for us.

The man who had been resting on our toilet paper, quite inconsiderately, showed what a rebel he was by pouring his cornflakes all over the ground. It was quite funny how four drunks in a drunk tank daintily and carefully began cracking their hard-boiled eggs along the bench we had all been sitting on. All four hardluck drunks then began to peel the eggs and put the shells in our respective plastic bags. It seemed that concrete hands over there, had had dexterity after all.

Oh yeah, there was another younger college kid there. But his mom came and paid the $500 to bail him out. All I kept thinking was, “what a waste of money.”

The story, of course, gets better. Seven years to the day I have never had a drink. I’ve also never had a cigarette. I smoke some wonderful cigars, however. And that’s different. Yes it is.

I love to remember that fun night in the drunk tank. I love to remember all the war stories from my drunken days. They’re laughable now.


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Libertarian love. Happy Valentine’s Day

Libertarian love. Happy Valentine’s Day


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Loitering with Intent.

Loitering with Intent.

If you haven’t read Peter O’Toole’s semi biography, Loitering With Intent, I highly recommend it. In the meantime I would like to express my intentions for Friday. I did go and buy the car I said I would by yesterday. I got a champagne gold Dodge Stratus. It was relatively cheap and runs relatively well. So I guess that’s a wash. This is a car that I need to keep until I can afford to buy a new car. I like that I don’t have payments. I also like that I got it for cheaper than my insurance check for my old car. That leaves me some wiggle room so that I can get some upgrades and improvements.

Today’s intentions are a little bit silly. Intentionally silly. The kids and I are going to take the book we’ve been reading and make some Valentine’s Day cards. By the way happy Valentine’s Day. I’m asking them to use construction paper and other primary or elementary grade craft supplies, and make Valentine’s Day cards. This is just like we used to do when we were kids. The trick is these valentines need to be from someone or something in the book that were reading to someone else or something else in the book that were reading. It’s a pretty cool literary exercise that shows understanding of more than just simple character relationships. It shows an understanding deeper than just the spoken or plot driven relationships in the story.

In fact there are four major categories that I would like them to explore. There is the plot overview, of course. I also want them to do a major character analysis, look at themes, motifs and symbols, and of course the historical context surrounding the novel.

I stated one of my ongoing intentions is to do the projects which I assign. That means I’ll be making cute and clever little heart-shaped references to anthropological symbolism in foundational Eatonville, Florida, 1930s.

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Intentional Thursday

I didn’t buy a car yesterday. I had intended to buy a car yesterday. I have no option but to buy a car today. There’s a few finalists. I find that’s what happens when I don’t carry out my intentions of the day. Is that I no longer have the option. That’s the beauty of doing things when you originally intend, you have the option.

So today my intentions are to stay focused. Not get stressed. I tend to get stressed when I lose my options. When I feel like I’m up against the wall are up against the clock, I can act like that kind of lab rat. I also have a full class today, with a lot of work to do. I will not take on other people’s stress as my own. I will intentionally separate their issues from my own.

I would like to get two chapters of the Zora Neal Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God finished.


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Intention and Lent.

Intention and Lent.

So once again I find myself being intentional. I’m elucidating my intentions for the day. That is also the first day of Lent. Couple of years ago the curly blonde haired woman with whom I live and I also did a vegan fast for Lent. It was interesting. I found a lot of great recipes, realized that there are animal products in a lot more things than you think. I couldn’t partake in marshmallow roasting because it had gelatin. The hard part was being able to just pull over and get something to eat when I needed to. I found that there were a few places that could and would make a vegan meal for you quickly. But we also fasted. We were able to put off over eating. Overindulging as well. One of the glorious side effects of that, as it was pointed out to me, was that it put me in spiritual solitude with those around the world for whom hunger was not a choice.

But that’s more of a reflection. My intention for today and for the rest of Lent is to get my pen back in my hand. Let’s be honest I do a lot of composition by simply speaking into my iPhone. This blog app and Google’s doc app work incredibly well on this platform. I was able to transcribe 50 pages in November of my novel. Problem is I have yet to go back and make sure that my words were transcribed correctly. There is a certain anxiety I have when I work on my novel. I can’t figure out why.

So I’m continuing to keep my intentions logged and blogged. Today I will also buy a car. I need to buy a car. My rental has to be returned in two days it’ll probably take that long to purchased a car insured register it and pick it up. I need to make sure I do that today.


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Busy Tuesday, intentionally.

Busy Tuesday, intentionally.

Day two of my New intentional project. I’m going to try to keep my daily intentions logged in blog the same way that my students are being asked to. Today’s topic is, staying busy. I’m going to intentionally try to stay very busy. I certainly have a lot to do. The baby Hippy and I woke up early, and left for the insurance auto auction in Sanford.

We picked up our insurance check for our wrecked car. We told them we would be back for the tow hitch which they will kindly remove for me. It’s an expensive and useful tow hitch so it’s worth the extra trip.

We got to work amid some chaos. It seems that one of the students had been kicked out by her own mother and was living with one of the teachers and then decided that that wouldn’t work either. I’m going to try to hold back my judgment and advice. I’m not qualified to do either.

My intention today to stay busy and get a lot of the work I have to do, done. I’ve got a whole bunch of after work chores as well. It may behoove me to be a little bit more specific, but if I just remind myself today that there is something to do, and I should be doing it, we’ll see how it goes.

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