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What are you saving us from? How do we know? What are you creating?

Here’s a very interesting article. You can view it in the context in which was written, as how to morally educate children. We can take it a little bit more metaphorically and globally. What do compassionate laws really save us from? And then apply that more locally. What do the crossing guards with their bright yellow jackets and stop signs, whistles and control of the traffic lights really prevent? Moreover what do all these so-called public safeguards create? I won’t answer that for you. Be sure to read this article and leave me some comments.
moral education and natural consequences.


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Please. Play both sides of that single.

Is this where I say “I have gay friends, but…” so that I can qualify to comment? That Ryan Lewis song is missing the mark. It just comes off as arrogant and corny. And that right-wing conservative comment- trendy hater. Who signed the Defense of Marriage Act? And yeah, RepubliCONS, stop quoting the Book of Leviticus unless your an Orthodox Jew, or don’t claim the blood of Christ as the seal on the new covenant.

And it’s the same government they think should get their backs creating a law just for them? The liberal oligarchy had a filibuster proof congress and did nothing for you. When the government gets out of your business, not in it as a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing ally, you’ll be free to get your marriage certified(as your birth was) instead of licensed like your asking to drive a car.

P.S. Only one MAJOR party supports that notion… always has as a plank in its platform.


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My 3 words for 2014 via Chris Brogan

My 3 words for 2014 via Chris Brogan

Thank you to Mr. Chris Brogan for the email regarding the three words exercise. I decided this year to rely on the Old Faithful’s: serenity, courage, wisdom. Yes these reek of twelve-step programs. And here’s why I’m using each one:

SERENITY The word is more than just peace. I was going to use the word acceptance, but that might’ve been too specific. I would like to find serenity amongst turmoil, not just instead of it. I don’t seek to avoid challenging or complicated issues, I seek to jump right into them, and still be serene. I enjoy the broadness and wide spectrum of application of this one, especially as a classroom teacher, father, husband, addict, alcoholic, and yes – still a bartender.

COURAGE What I like about this word is it has his own applications, and I can link it to the previous word. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of courage to maintain serenity in these tumultuous situations. Courage can also be said to be the opposite of fear. Fear has always been my most immobilizing personal character flaw. It takes courage not only to face the large challenges, but also, sometimes to keep the small challenges from piling up. This is a broad term but I will specifically apply it to the new income streams and the identification and pursuit of my curiosity and interests.

WISDOM I continue to seek wisdom rather than intellect. I was recently reminded that the wisest men have always admitted to how little they actually know. I don’t seek to understand how every little thing works. More often I seek to understand how I work and how I may better interact and influence my surroundings. I feel like if I can find some humility, I could probably find more wisdom. And that’s what I really like about this term. It’s humble. And the humility of wisdom rather than intellect, will help me to achieve or serenity – and then we can start the cycle all over again.

Now many of you are probably saying that I just ripped this off from the serenity prayer. You’re damn right I did. That’s why preface this with, “falling back on Old Faithful.” I have pondered a few other words but I thought that I could attack all of those other words instead these three categories somehow. I wanted to use the word “produce.” Produce could mean to make something but also refers to my gardening. With serenity courage and wisdom I’ll be able to get quite a bit of gardening done.


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