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Public School is Adorable.

Public School is Adorable.

Here is the email I just received:

Good Afternoon,

I’m writing with some bad news today, unfortunately. In the last month, the overall turn-in rate for homework has dropped to around 20%, meaning that most students have stopped turning in their homework assignments (reading logs).

If you have noticed that your child’s grade has dropped significantly, it is likely because they are NOT turning in their reading logs.

As a reminder, students are expected to read for a MINIMUM of THIRTY (30) MINUTES every night, Monday through Friday. This is only the minimum; students are welcome to read more. Students should be filling out their reading logs and having a parent or guardian sign them every night of the week.

I check homework every Monday and I do not accept late homework assignments unless the student is absent on Monday when I check for it.

This is the same homework assignment students have had since the second week of school, back in August.

Please keep in mind that students are welcome to check a book out of the school media center OR out of my classroom, if they do not have access to reading material at home. Additionally, if students lose or cannot find their blue reading log papers at any time, extra logs can be found in my classroom, in the student supply center. Students may also have you fill out the log on a separate piece of paper, if absolutely necessary. Therefore, there is NO excuse for not completing and turning in the assignment.

I hope we can work together to ensure students are doing their nightly reading and turning in their reading logs every Monday, in order to improve their grades and performance in my class.

Please feel free to write back or call my classroom (407-xxx-xxxx) if you have any further questions or concerns.


Xxxxx Xxxxxx, MAT

Language Arts Teacher

District: Seminole School District

District Web Site:

State: FL

District Code: 59

Student Production

Here was the most restrained reply I could manage:

If you’re homework participation dropped to 20% maybe you need to take a cue like the free market does. When customers stop returning or stop paying or stop participating to that level, it means the product is no good. Homework is baseless and useless and more and more studies are showing that. You can always tell when something is useless, when people stop doing it regardless of the mandate or consequences.

I know your hands are tied, you’re probably even wearing golden handcuffs and your retirement would be at risk if you stopped mandating homework. My advice is to be courageous and do so anyway.

I can give you all the facts regarding it, I just don’t think it would matter. Somewhere along the line you did not become a teachers so that you had to write emails to parents like this. Somewhere along the line you did not become a teacher to write sentences like we expect 30 minutes – a time requirement not a value requirement – of homework every night.

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Spencer Silenced. 

Spencer Silenced. 

Reposted without permission 
Tonight, as the rain falls, I am crying. It was not a good day in Gainesville. My reasons for weeping, however, may not line up with the anguish which I’m sure you are seeing in your newsfeed. 
I’m not upset that hate exists. I’m not surprised that people hold the beliefs they do. It doesn’t bother me what they think. It’s when they put those beliefs into actions that I begin to take note, and spring up as either for or against. Riding the wagon or viciously self-defending my own point of view.
Those who know me know that I am bound to defend liberty at all costs, be it friends, family members, employment, entertainment venues, tailgating spots that may call to be sacrificed. I’m not sure what instilled in me this passion, this zeal for my fellow man to be free. I don’t even know why I have it. Some say I’m destined for greatness. Some say I just like to piss people off. 
I’m sure all of you know who spoke at the University of Florida campus today. I’m sure many of you are long sick of dealing with it. Well, get sick after you read this post. Humor me this once. 
Today, I realized the majority of Americans are fighting against the very thing they claim to stand for. This I had somehow known for a while now, yet today it hit home. Literally.
Governor Scott declared a State of Emergency for the area — which was heralded by most of my friends. This just boggles my mind so much that I will not remain on this for very long, but I must put forth the question of what constitutes imminent danger, and danger to what and from whom? Ideas? Lifestyle? One person? SPEECH? Call out the National Guard because in the 21st century we are now incapable of debating without violence? Well there’s the potential. Well there’s always the potential! That’s what used to make us great, was the way we conducted ourselves in times of crisis, and under threat of danger, devil may care from whom. Arm up. Don’t back down. Be sure you’re right, then go full speed ahead. Gone by the wayside now. We can’t even sneeze without calling the government to come wipe our nose.
UF President Kent Fuchs, at first denied the venue. This was hoorayed. A clear violation, with precedent, he knew it, and it opened the school up to a lawsuit which would have left taxpayers liable to settle the damages. As we know, he was ultimately compelled to oblige. After dissing the first amendment, and blaming the Constitution, he went kicking and screaming into a corner — where proceeded to rob taxpayers of $600,000.00 so he could fit his narrative. 
Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Gainesville Police Department, and UFPD came together, days before today, to issue a restricted area policy — pretty much what a free speech area is. Or is not. What it is, is marking off a specific area where you are free to exercise your rights. What it is not, is everything outside that tape and beyond that should be yours, too. It has been bought with a price, and we snivel it away like cowards. 
In this restricted area (encompassing all of campus and the surrounding public area), you basically have no Bill of Rights. Don’t say anything that goes against the grain, or you’ll be peppersprayed while the police watch and do nothing. Don’t you dare carry a gun, a knife, a pencil, a PLASTIC KNIFE, pretty much anything that could be used to defend yourself. It’s a long list. Oh, and agents of the Crown, err… officers, can subject you to a non-consensual search at any point. Don’t say no, because you’ll be taken to jail for resisting arrest. 
All this was heralded, as well. The rules are clearly posted, why wouldn’t you obey? The law is the law, dipshit. To hell with the Constitution, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Of course we support the 2nd Amendment but we also back the blue. And you must, too. Sigh. 
Mr. Spencer was to address his audience for two hours, beginning at 2:30pm. The arena did not convene. A mob yelled out insanity for about 90 minutes. These students, enrolled at one of the premier top-tier institutes for higher learning, chose not to combat the speaker’s views with intelligent conversation. Chose not to win against ideas with better ideas. Chose not, to act like adults and be mindful of the graveness of the situation. No, instead they behaved like animals. Animals would have probably been more orderly. These were brainwashed puppets. Tought to say exactly what they were supposed to say, and missed a golden opportunity to show the world that we can do it better than Berkeley. 
My peers are praising the madness. Disruption and chaos are being labeled noble endeavors. Battery against someone who doesn’t think the same way as you is now lauded and congratulated. Discrimination is now cheered — and by the very people who champion anti-discrimination laws. 
Americans no longer want freedom. They want the norm. They don’t want to be free. They want to be taken care of. The status quo is king, along with Hollywood, late-night television, and the fashion industry. They don’t want to buck the system. They are the system. And if you go against the system, you become an enemy to the very people you are standing up for. 
I’m almost out of space on my phone and I’m getting tired. I’ve been working through back pain and sickness this week, and it’s not slowing down. I have an affiliate to participate in, a Lodge to satisfy, a committee to support, multiple campaigns to assist with, and next year — my own campaign to run. I am, and will be, forever busy. And now, for really the first time, I am wondering if it’s all worth it.
I will always defend liberty. I just don’t know if there is anything left to defend.
-Chris Rose 

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I’m still not two-party. Thankfully. 

I’m still not two-party. Thankfully. 

What Would the Dude Do?

When referencing the right-so called conservatives-who are really just sheep in wolves clothing anyway, using big govt to impose lifestyles and restrictions- the left likes to use the term “Teabagger.” And the dummies actually coined the term! That’s all that was needed for justification, minimizing rationalization and denial. 
Teabagger is an offensive sexual reference. And it’s known and intended. Leftists operate with impunity and use this language so cavalierly. Then they have audacity to claim the mantle of morality. Could you imagine the cry-bullying if this was directed toward the sensitivities of leftists? “hate! hate! Witchcraft! Safe-space!”
I wonder if the youngest constituents of either pretend opponents even understand the historical reference. How about the modern resurgence of tea-party? Can you recall the impetus? Rachel Maddow made fun of the sexual reference first, she’s untouchable. 
The TeaParty has left the fiscally appropriate origins of its name and has been bandwagoning every bullshit capital “R” republican (RepubliCON) cause. 
Don’t get me started with the Fisher Price- My First Political Simplicity toy showroom that is Occupy Democrats

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Gratitude and Graduation. The better copy.

Gratitude and Graduation. The better copy.

I published this a few days ago without the edits I wanted. Sorry. This is the better version

It’s graduation week at the Ampersand School. Truth be told I can’t honestly say that all of the seniors are graduating. I don’t have all the grades done yet. They’ll be walking, and will all be completing their time. Some of them may need to study for a GED. I have no problem saying that.

I had thought about not going back to my little private school. One of those end-of-the-year crises that tells me that all the things that went wrong happened “to me.” After some reflection and some honest personal inventory work, it’s more true that all of those things happened with me.

End of the year blues are certainly not unique. Not to me, and it crosses the age and occupation barrier in any school. It’s doesn’t have to. But it does.

I had gotten the blues, in part, because I hadn’t fulfilled my wish to present the complete Florida history curriculum. We started with the pre-colonial and Paleo Indian tribes of Florida. We visited shell middens on both coasts. We visited Regional History museums in Central Florida and Tampa Bay. We studied and re-created physical projects that represented native Florida Indian culture. We dabbled in the conquistadors. If you never read A Land Remembered, do that. We did that.

I felt I had hogged the spotlight with my curriculum. So I backed off for nine weeks. That didn’t work. An extremely talented, and brilliant young biologist took the lead with his Blue Economy and environmentalist (that is a loaded term, and doesn’t do his curriculum justice) unit. It was a brilliant unit designed to generate interest in making an impact in our immediate environment. The epitome of acting locally.

I didn’t help this other teacher promote his curriculum. I felt idle. I saw the children acting apathetically, or inefficiently, because it was lecture driven course. There was a lot more time devoted to the environmental curriculum than I was devoting to my language arts curriculum or history curriculum. At least that was my perception. I felt derailed. I felt so much of the day was lost. This other gentlemen as zero experience in classroom management and in teaching in general. I am loathe to say that either of those are a deficiency.

Similarly, I was splitting my time between the classroom and the outside lawn and garden center of a nearby hardware superstore. Both of those represent passions of mine. But the split time and was wearing me thin.

I had come back the next marking period with a curriculum based on Zora Neal Hurston. Keep in mind that all the time we had certainly been reading. We never didn’t read. In fact in retrospect we did a lot of close reading and comprehension mini lessons and drills. I believe firmly in close reading and in whole language education. Simply put, language and grammar skills are taught in context and in unison with content. Not as separate entities. We don’t use them in everyday speech and writing separately, we use them in our expression – in our content if you will.

The “I Made That” thematic unit in third-quarter was excellent. It was extremely challenging and may have produced very little at times. That lack of production was as educational, or more, then the seemingly productive times. That unit was a design thinking unit. On a weekly basis students had to go from ideation to prototype to redesign to product in five days. They were free to use the preceding or following weekends as well. You can see that there was probably a lot of failure involved in this Quick-draw process. That’s the point. Failure isn’t wrong. We like to use the term, “failure is sexy” but the term, “sexy” isn’t always appropriate.

I was then asked to facilitate a government and economics curriculum. The four students who needed that credits, would come to me twice a week to hash out a basic knowledge of the foundations of the Constitution, a handshake familiarity with the Constitution and parts of government, and then I basically indoctrinated them with why economics shouldn’t be included in the same class as government roles. They were free to disagree. Their final project was to research and either argue for or against a local penny tax in Seminole County. I got a couple of wishy-washy non-stance arguments, one argument that was almost as vehemently against it as I was – am. The last one stated bluntly that they didn’t care much, wanted to do it because I told them to, and spoke directly to me in the text, “I’m not sure what you want from me.” I had gotten that answer more than once, in more than one subject – which were increasingly coming my way as facilitator.

The final quarter I was facilitating an online math instruction, a Dave Ramsey Foundations of Personal-Finance curriculum with a fill in the blanks workbook, the government and economics curriculum, and just for good measure: subjects I’m actually qualified to teach: books based on our theme – prisons – and a really neat history project called The Back Power Mix Tape

Common Core Hydra


. Each of these topics would start with formal presentation and some mandatory work. They would then extend to optional work based on student interest. I like the natural flow of that. Here’s some important data take what you can, or what you’re interested in and go with that. I applied to all of the curriculums I was facilitating.

We had lost our math teacher earlier in the year to a better offer in California. Our biology and life sciences teacher was splitting his time amongst all grades and the nonprofit international effort of which he had become the head. I chose to feel put upon. Certainly there was some pressure and high expectations, but the emotional bit I had to choose to feel. I can’t make anybody else responsible for that.

I was nonplussed with most of the output that nine weeks, not to mention that I hadn’t incorporated a prepared speaking component both me and the parents had wanted to implement. There was some extra that I was putting upon myself. In retrospect I’m grateful I didn’t attempt it. I had felt spread thin as it was.

I believe I was less than satisfied with the student output for a few reasons. The main reason is because I hadn’t modeled a single project all year. I could probably give some reasons, and some excuses for it. The fact was that the previous year I had always done the projects that I assigned. The children felt both challenged by my level of production, and enjoyed sharing presentation and creative space. That’s all I can say for sure. If they had other motivations, you have to ask them. But it was all positive.

I also felt a bit apathetic towards their work because some of the work was apathetic. As I stated above some of it was simply being down for completion, not because it sparked interest. Hey, sometimes lessons are bit droll. But that’s no excuse, for me I mean. The beginning and middle of the year were chock-full of field trips, and that had died down towards the end as well. So there was definitely a lack of motion and momentum – in favor of inertia.

When the teachers will – the things they want to introduce, teach, create an outstanding life experience around – meets with a student’s honest interest, or dishonest disinterest, or any combination of honesty and interest – that interest will win every time. This victory can take shape of simply neglecting the task, doing it poorly, or only doing it for completion to appease the educator.

This is the danger of a prescribed curriculum. This happens on a grander scale with the educator in the student choose. When we’re simply and robotically carrying out the next task series of benchmarks whether we have an interest in that instruction or not, it will show justice.  More likely and more often a class from teacher will just complete the task to get the check-mark on the curriculum and move on. This disinterest will then transfer down the chain to their relationship between themselves and the student. This is where the teacher will have to willfully stress the importance of activity or assignment or curriculum check-mark that they weren’t interested in the first place.

I teach because it is a natural extension of my personal interests, and affords me the greatest opportunity to keep learning. I said so at the end-of-year gala. I told parents and friends that I am not responsible for shaping your kids’ futures. I do nothing so grandiose or egotistical. I did win Teacher of the Year.


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My 3 words for 2014 via Chris Brogan

My 3 words for 2014 via Chris Brogan

Thank you to Mr. Chris Brogan for the email regarding the three words exercise. I decided this year to rely on the Old Faithful’s: serenity, courage, wisdom. Yes these reek of twelve-step programs. And here’s why I’m using each one:

SERENITY The word is more than just peace. I was going to use the word acceptance, but that might’ve been too specific. I would like to find serenity amongst turmoil, not just instead of it. I don’t seek to avoid challenging or complicated issues, I seek to jump right into them, and still be serene. I enjoy the broadness and wide spectrum of application of this one, especially as a classroom teacher, father, husband, addict, alcoholic, and yes – still a bartender.

COURAGE What I like about this word is it has his own applications, and I can link it to the previous word. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of courage to maintain serenity in these tumultuous situations. Courage can also be said to be the opposite of fear. Fear has always been my most immobilizing personal character flaw. It takes courage not only to face the large challenges, but also, sometimes to keep the small challenges from piling up. This is a broad term but I will specifically apply it to the new income streams and the identification and pursuit of my curiosity and interests.

WISDOM I continue to seek wisdom rather than intellect. I was recently reminded that the wisest men have always admitted to how little they actually know. I don’t seek to understand how every little thing works. More often I seek to understand how I work and how I may better interact and influence my surroundings. I feel like if I can find some humility, I could probably find more wisdom. And that’s what I really like about this term. It’s humble. And the humility of wisdom rather than intellect, will help me to achieve or serenity – and then we can start the cycle all over again.

Now many of you are probably saying that I just ripped this off from the serenity prayer. You’re damn right I did. That’s why preface this with, “falling back on Old Faithful.” I have pondered a few other words but I thought that I could attack all of those other words instead these three categories somehow. I wanted to use the word “produce.” Produce could mean to make something but also refers to my gardening. With serenity courage and wisdom I’ll be able to get quite a bit of gardening done.


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Population Control…You First.

Of the many things for which I am eternally grateful is the opportunity to reinforce my beliefs with the brick and mortar of my opponents arrogance and stupidity. Seriously. I am grateful for that or I will resent it. Resentment allows those nimrods to live rent free in my head. So I find gratitude and get productive. I alluded in an earlier post to a kid with whom I work. Yesterday, at a collaborative curriculum workshop, it was suggested that in a number of years the Earth will be overpopulated and that some form of population control is required. I cringe. I always cringe. I told this young man that I cringe at that. He thought what was more pressing is that a “person is required to have a licence to operate a vehicle, but not to procreate…”

English Translation: 60000 RM this is what this person suffering from hereditary defects costs the Community of Germans during his lifetime Fellow Citizen, that is your money, too

English Translation:
60000 RM
this is what this person suffering from hereditary defects costs the Community of Germans during his lifetime
Fellow Citizen, that is your money, too

I am tempted to leave that there and let you all respond. But there’s more! I retorted with an equally ludicrous remark. “I can’t drive a person into another person, or run a person over with another person.”: I mean, lets talk apples to apples. He clarified. I wished he hadn’t. One bad seed can ruin dozens of other lives…or something. I started to tighten up. Then I realized that what I was hearing sounded like resentment. When other people hurt me, or hurt themselves, I don’t like it and I can’t control it like I wished I could, so i resent them for even being born.

The actual application of the things he is describing are horrendous. What would the application look like? Would we have to wait in line to get our numbers called, then plea to the bureau for a licence? Or do we have to take government training courses first? What could possibly be the peaceful outcome?

It’s ironic that these same people promote an idea that says we can be free to do what we want with our bodies, as long as what we want to do with our bodies is kill our baby. Okay, so maybe it’s not ironic at all, it sounds consistent doesn’t it.

Maybe it’s just about providing free prophylactics? We all know that it’s unfair that the poor can’t afford to but rubbers and pills. This supposes that children and families are roadblocks to financial success. How dehumanizing. Wait, that’s consistent as well! The entire package, seen in it’s entirety is scary as hell, I imagine this is what the political dissidents will feel like in a controlled population, if their parents were allowed to procreate without swearing allegiance first. I know, that’s ludicrous.

Let’s say a political dissedent, or retard, or homosexual, or some other “bad seed” gets ill. Will they be treated under a population control policy? 


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Rep. Ryan Winkler is a Liberal Bigot

Lets not forget it was liberal America who came up with the pube on the Coke can horse shit. Now the guy who earned a BA in history from Harvard claims he accidentally used a classic racial slur. That’s another insult. This time on the intelligence of the rest of us. That is typically what liberaism is. It is considerably consistant with policies of the soft bigotry of low expectations. See here for more on that here, or if you prefer, a moron on that here. Crash his twitter accounts.



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